New Zealand mosque suspect embraced white supremacy, previous acts of hate


Mellberg. New Zealand Prime Minister Chakib on rotten ardent, excuse me, says that the attack on the two moss were carried out by suspects with extremist views that have now placed in New Zealand or the world Arden also asserted that New Zealand was targeted because it is place of diversity kindness. Compassion, a home for those who share our values a refuge for those who need it more from CBS's, Ben Tracy in Christ Church near spontaneous memorial near the mosque where most of the killings took place. I've had several people come up to me in the short time. We've been here making parallels with the United States say we know this happens your country all the time, but it doesn't happen here. And they're not saying that to be cruel or to put down the United States. Just trying to make a point that they are not used to this. Is not something they have gone through before. Which really does make this shocking and on Fridays. Mosque attack in New Zealand. A reminder of the global increase in expressions of white supremacist ideology and white supremacist violence. Former department of homeland security counterterrorism coordinator, John Cohen looks at how white supremacists have come out of the shadows. And into the mainstream many of the themes and even the language that's used by white supremacists. Leaders have found his way entire mainstream political discourse, we now have elected officials in this country who use the same words that white supremacist leaders have used in the past when talking about immigrants those words are heard by white supremacists. And those white supremacists who are predisposed to violence feel justified in those violent

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