Roger Stone in court as Mueller probe nears conclusion


Tonight with breaking news in an open case in the Mueller probe Trump adviser, Roger stone. Just took the stand for the first time. He was just grilled by Muller prosecutor for the first time and he was rebuked silenced by federal judge. We are reporting on a truly wild day in federal court where judge Amy Berman Jackson took Trump aide Roger stone to task. There's really no other way to put it pressing him in public court proceedings on whether he was today lying to the court. And then she shut him down supersizing partial gag order into a full gag order against Donald Trump's longest-serving advisor. What does that mean? It means tonight. I can report for you. Roger stone can't say anything else in public about his case. The judge also suggesting this is the final warning and clear suggestion the next time that stone would be punished it will be with immediate jail. Todd now, Roger stone is a defendant in this Mueller probe. So these developments happening late today are obviously progress for Bob Muller, and they come in an extraordinary afternoon that revealed the legal limits on Roger stone's very well known effort to turn serious proceeding. Into a baroque theatre of the absurd. This normally voluble dirty trickster turned mournful and morose says he pled for mercy from the court while taking the stand again as I mentioned for the first time today and Winstone did leave as you see here with his freedom hanging by a thread. It was noticeable. He did not say a word in the departure. You see on your screen from the courthouse? Mark today as the official end to Roger stone's attempts to publicly attack, the Miller probe and the judge or the FBI as he did in releasing this video and going on and on about his arrest. There has been weeks of those attempts to use that footage. Well, we are now a long ways from Roger stone's antics that you may have seen on television when he was first indicted from the Nixon victory salute to holding impromptu press conferences at the courthouse. Now, let me tell you all of this obviously right now, which is big news. No matter how you slice. It is happening has Washington and the legal. And political worlds around the country buzz over whether this long-awaited Bob Muller report is coming soon. But these issues that all came to light today are a reminder that even if large parts of that probe are heading towards some sort of resolution this Roger stone case which touches on WikiLeaks and alleged potential attempts to collude it's open it is alive, and it is putting heat on the Trump world, which makes understanding today's developments, very important. So let me take you through some of them in detail. Roger stone came in today and began by telling the court, quote, I'm hurtful e sorry for my own stupidity.

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