Do AirPods Make You Look Rich? (According to Memes, Yes, Likely)


Get exclusive insider access to Milan style and design with WSJ magazine and into Garay make private visits to galleries top restaurants and shops lake coamo and much more book this once in a lifetime trip at Indy. Gory dot com slash WSJ magazine or call six four six seven eight zero eight three eight three. This is tech news briefing. Im Tanya boosts does reporting from the newsroom in New York. Today's question do air pods. Make you look rich, or at least cool probably because as the journal looks into what is taken over as the luxury item for younger people air pod had phones remain everywhere and show, no signs of stopping more. So than beats headphones or a slew of other better sounding ear wear yet that which resembles crystallized globs of sweat dangling from your ears. We have WSJ's Jacob Gallagher to thank for that. Accurate. Description has emerged as the trendiest tech must for the masses. How did it happen will talk about it after these tech headlines? Has slow is losing its general counsel two months after hiring him? Replacing the veteran trial lawyer with a longtime insider who helped the electric car company, navigate some of its biggest legal issues Dane, but Swinkels said in a statement he looks forward to returning to Washington to continue his work with tesla in and outside counsel role as in the past his exit marks and other high profile executive departure for the company during the past two years as it works to turn the model three into its first mass market electric car. The journal notes swift departure is reminiscent of another quick exit in September Tesla's accounting chief left the company after only a few weeks, citing the intense pressure and scrutiny of the company. Pinterest has stopped returning search results for terms relating to vaccinations, which is a drastic step aimed at curbing the spread of misinformation. But one that also reflects the challenge facing social media companies in curbing hot button health issues, Pinterest which is preparing for an initial public offering this year says it's also looking to develop better machine learning tools to aid with curation and this year, the company is tripling the number of engineers focused on content safety and now for the top data trend of twenty nineteen it's not blockchain because blockchain the digital ledger. Underlying bitcoin other currencies that's actually dropped to the bottom of Gartner's annual list of the most disruptive data analytics capabilities topping the list, augmented analytics, essentially, the tools that leverage a an machine learning last year, the value of crypto currencies lost more than eighty percent of their market value by contrast, data and analytics tools continue to evolve. All from supporting internal decision making to continuous intelligence. Gartner said augmented analytics will be dominant driver. It also urged corporate data leaders to adopt augmented analytics as platform capabilities mature coming up why the explosion of airport headphones shows, no signs of stopping. The explosion of the expensive yet attainable. Air pot headphones remains in full force. It is the luxury item of the moment shows, no signs of stopping. Why do you suddenly feel out of place? If you're not forcing white plastic into your ears. Let's find out joining us in the podcast studio with more is Wall Street Journal reporter Jacob Gallagher. Welcome. Hi, welcome. Thanks. So when it became clear air pods weren't going anywhere. We actually talked about it on the podcast because it was emerging as this fashion statement and this status symbol of sorts. And it was a new phenomenon that we were just kind of accepting. We're like, we don't get it. But it's sticking around whatever. Now, it's sort of like, not only are we accepting it, but it's become this. This thing that we embrace an inspire to how do you think this happened? They can happen. I'm glad you mentioned that, you know, airports were kind of a slow burn because they you know, they released about two years ago roughly now, and when they first came out. It was kind of the joke was that. They looked weird and they were kind of funny, and then people got them and said, oh, the sound quality is really great, and they're amazing, and blah, blah, blah. And they kind of went along like that for a while. And then sometime around last Christmas just prior to that around the holiday you saw I I started observing online. There was a lot of jokes going around that were basically predicated upon the idea that air pods made you look rich and made you look wealthy, and they were a very conspicuous item which made it kinda easy for them to be Mimi fide, and and for jokes to kind of ping around the internet because everyone knew what they looked like and you can kind of play with the visuals of them, but it's just this prevalent joke now that doesn't seem to be going away amongst like teens and twenty somethings and even thirty somethings about like, yeah, I have air pods. I'm rich and wealthy and they're kind of a new status symbol in that. I have to say even myself. I was a late adopter. And I it did change my life. And I have to say, I'm almost snobby about it. I'll be like oh, look at that person. Wired to like how how can it be? But yeah, like you said there's a mean for any everything. And it's because it's so relatable. Because there's there's I mean the internet comes through off the spoke to this kid who came up with like, I think it was. I wanna get the verb is right. But he was it was like just got airports than Bill Gates has called me this morning to go to a meeting for the one percent like being wealthy. Sure. As tiring like just like, the ones that were hard division is in the story where you know kids putting an image on and then being like it smells like poor in here. No one has has air pods. Like, they're they're they're they're very cruel out of the time. Yeah, they're kind of in that in that that part of humor. But these kids really, you know, it was funny because I keep saying kids a lot of the people I spoke for the story where in high school were in college, and you know, talking to them they were saying like this is really translated over into their actual lives. And, you know, people around their cafeteria or amongst their friends will say, you know, oh, look at our rich. I am I have. These and it it is a very funny thing. It's kind of weird reframing of what a luxury item is air pods are expensive. But they're not the most expensive head funds for sure. And right. Well, that's what kills me is because you know, someone who works in audio. I'm actually a very forgiving audio file. But I must say they're they're not even that good. Is what's funny about it? But that goes to show it doesn't necessarily matter because it's just it's the it item is your, and it doesn't it's keeping with what's cool. I think at this point. Yeah. Someone I spoke with mentioned that they reminded him that they were like sneakers sneakers with other thing in his high school with the kids kind of talked about like that. And it does kind of there are a lot of parallels. There like, you know, Nike's the hottest Nike's might not be the quote, unquote, best shoes, whether for you know, athletic purposes, or how they're made or what have you, but because of their, you know, desire ability, and and they look cool. They become this item that people. Really want air pods are basically treated the same way. It's interesting that we're at this age where a headphone in one that's basically the size of like two tic TAC stack together comfortable and not and not that comfortable. Yeah. Are are. You know, you know, they're the big thing. It's very funny. Do you? And I'm just curious because I know we don't have official numbers. But is there anything that? We can just look too says. Yes, this is really true people are getting these massive amounts. Well, there was I was getting a lot of Antic data from people. I was interviewing they were saying like, I've noticed a lot more my friends buying them, blah, blah, blah. And I was trying to figure out a way to to figure that out. And though as you said apple does operate down data for air pods. I if you look at Google trends over time, which is kind of the the search engines in house popularity measure air pods really started to spike in that like late November of last year early December period, and they've really only continued to to be popular. I think that their peak of popularity seemingly was like a week or so ago, so it still enduring an. And people have really continued to me it. And now, there's even this like next layer of me m- that is about how people have air pods, and they can't hear. So they're going to get hit by trucks. It's really confusing to but there's like as with any viral Meam. There's just becomes these added layers. And you know, it just goes to show like, you know, young people are really inventive. And they really put their heart into this. And a lot of energy. And it's pretty funny. Yeah. They're they're very dependable. And I encourage anyone to go down a rabbit hole. And check it out. That's what I did take. Thank you so much. Thank you. That's it for the tech news briefing reporting from the newsroom in New York. I'm Tanya boost does thanks for listening.

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