Chelsea and Tottenham battle to keep their flatlining seasons alive

Caught Offside


Wednesday three o'clock. This is probably the one that you'll be circling for your mid week slate, you be circling Chelsea and Spurs someone is really gonna feel bad about themselves. When this once, I know will it be you. Recent history will tell you. Yeah. Probably the bridge too. Yeah. Typically, not fared well there. Yeah. I wouldn't I wouldn't like to actually call this one. 'cause I'm sure there's a little bit of residuals from the weekend that will impact this game two and boy Tottenham they just they keep getting themselves to the edge, and they just refuse to take that next step. They just can't do it. I don't know what it is got dashed like they did in a year where Burnley has not been Burnley like the, you know, sound defensively nine there were a little bit more resurgent known in the last couple of months. Did you watch any of the Tottenham Burlingame? I only saw highlight because there were two refereeing decisions that came under the microscope in this. It was Mike dean, of course, it was obviously. But there was the one that led to Burnley's first goal when they ruled it out a play on for Tongan gave Burnley corner that was a tough one even on the replay. I mean, it was definitely gone on the Bernie prayers. It was a goal kick. It set here and argue for an hour about handballs on the. That one didn't out on Burnley should be Tommy defend the corner web, though, did you know, no, they didn't. And then the one that like people want to use this as okay, we're even now because Danny rose took the throw in five yards further up field, and where it should have been. No, that's what we're going to start. The way will be like they were agrees of wrong and getting a corner kick off which the opposition scores. Getting that decision wrong and the stealing of yards from throwing which as. Like, there's I don't even know what the rule is. It's just whatever the linesmen referee goes back it. I mean, they're always step stolen north in ever happens from where it should of like booing, Danny rose every time he touch the ball. You throw in faith. The eight you will tell you. What though when I saw Harry Kane and the team sheet, I was like really is this necessary we've seen this before. But then he goes out plays. The goal is scored it not as I touch his second touch was amazing incredible. For just see how he's going to respond to that. No. I I just think with lingered and an and Kane who I am not having a go at medical professionals. I'm just saying what is the Rocher especially to when you're in the Champions League against Bruce Dortmund three-goal advantage or not. I don't care like you got to play your best team for that game. You've got Chelsea mid week, which is more important. I think than Burnley. I don't know. I was I was a little bit surprised to see his name on there. Now, they will have a little bit of a break out of the FA Cup, obviously. But yet I'm trying to just kind of enjoy Tottenham for what it is right now, they're not going to win the league. They're probably still going to like top four is not set in stone, obviously. But I feel good about the seven per China champion grow. No, right. Like one enjoy the. Champions League just in. This is a big win against Chelsea like just enjoy life showing your life as a Spurs. Yeah. Try not to let that Burnley game ruined. My my day it ruined several hours afterwards. But you move on because this season is what it is. And like try to enjoy this

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