Never-before released Dr. Seuss book coming this fall


New Dr Seuss book coming out this fall? It's going to be in bookstores on September third. It's the finished manuscript by the late children's author, and it's the basis for Dr Seuss's horse museum random house's children's books announced the illustrator Andrew joiner completed the text which has a look that's very Susie as they say and wholly his own the book features horse art work by Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock among others and includes cameos from such Seuss favorites as the Grinch and the cat in the hat member. Dr Seuss whose real name was Theodor Geisel died in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. There was another release in two thousand fifteen what PECH get which was a. Best seller so fair or foul. I guess I'd have to really see the book to see if it was a fair attempt. But in historically, those things don't work out. Very well retry to finish geniuses work for them after they pass away. I don't know. It looks pretty good to me though. It looks good. But I it is weird. He's he's he's gone. So they're taking of this finished manuscript. I'm going to be a wait and see to. I can't really I'm not going to be fair foul until I see it. But I've seen clips of it. And it looks. It looks pretty good is what I'll say. I think it looks pretty good. But I don't know I agree with you. I what's it called the jury's out. It is called. Oh, the horse. Just say, I don't even know. I can't even remember Dr Seuss is Dr Suess. Horse. Museum. I think it's such a fine line behind like honoring somebody who's passed away. And then just riding on their coattails published book and make some money. Like, I mean. For example, like prince like after he passed away his family or whoever was in charge of his state did a bunch of things that he was vocal about not doing. I did it. Anyway. They charged for the ticket, of course, because they're making money on it right now, if this was like, a big charity foundation where they're gonna donate these books to like schools around the country or something like I would be one hundred percent on board whether or not it was a good project. But I'm sure that they're just a I'm actually you know, what I'm just going to go with foul. Wow. You just changed your mind. Go with foul. I'm on the fence. I wanna see it. I I'm going to see

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