Coaches accused in bribery scandal wielded outsize authority


It'd be it'd be nutso to not start with this college admission scandal because I really don't get it. I know Laurie Laughlin is some say Laughlin, I say Laughlin who knows who Felicity Huffman is I didn't even know they had daughters to be honest with you. And I know that the the full house was the one lady in the other lady was like a desperate housewife. And then suddenly you're going to prison like the FBI arresting them. What what the hell happened and how brought his this thing. The FBI has recently uncovered accused bribery scandal that's been happening with universities across the United States. It's not just one college. It's it's a variety of different schools. And basically these celebrities we've heard Laurie Lockwood Hoffman. Sam in the news, just because they are the most famous, but other hundreds of people who have bought into this bribery scheme who are paying university coaches to accept their students under the guise that they're an athlete when the student is really not an athlete. They've never played a sport in their life. Parents are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to help someone take the SAT or the ACT for their child. So that they can get a good enough sports to get into these schools. They're paying for test proctors to change the results after the fact and really just pay millions of dollars to get into a college that they would not have otherwise been accepted into based off of their merits now. You know that I'm not as smart as pretend and I'm watching this unfold. And if your child isn't smart enough or has studied hard enough or whatever to pass the tests and get the scores and have the GPA and do the community service where the hell it takes to get into these universities. If you pay to get them in aren't the invariably gonna fail aren't they is it just about prestigious it just about. Hey, look, it goes to Harvard or Berkeley or USC is that really what it is. I think the problem is that in our culture college has become so much of an assassination in order to get a job that students think once they get into the college. They don't have to work anymore there, then entitled to a certain job title, a certain income level and everything once they get into the university. But that's not the case on your completely. Right. That not only as an embarrassing that parents are buying their children's way into college. But they're really doing their kids a huge disservice. Only are they teaching them that hard work doesn't matter. But they're not going to be setting their child up for failure because their emission standards at any college for a reason if you can. Can't get a certain score on your SAT. You probably won't be able to keep up with the academic rigor at some of these universities. It's a very important point reform dot org. Make sure you go there. So the way that it it specifically allegedly reportedly worked is like Lori Lafon her family. Her husband is a family would contact the coach and say, hey, my daughter doesn't do crew. But how can you accept her on crew? Now would the coach didn't have to give a scholarship to or just say I want this person. Don't worry about her scores. She's important to my teams. I mean, what what am I what are we talking about here? So the way I understood it mean, I've heard it reported in the news is that there was a middleman consultant involved. So the people bribing their way into college probably weren't talking specifically to the university officials are employee's. They would go to this middleman. And he would he would help them facilitate that I'm not completely sure if they were scholarships involved, I, sir. Hope not really be pouring salt in taking it away from deserving students right in regards to Laurie Laughlin specifically I did hear that their family had submitted pictures of their daughters on indoor rowing machines to show that they were training or krill had really never done crew in their entire life, which is embarrassing. It's pathetic. There's so much wrong with that picture. I couldn't agree with you more. Now, what is your daughter's name Jade is that what it is a Libya is her daughter is been getting watercress. Her name is Olivia. She is a social media star as you would say. The part that really bothers me about hurry Baldwin in. It is she posted a video maybe a month or two before she went to college saying that she did not want to go to swallow her parents wanted her to go to school. And the only reason she wanted to go to college was to get the quote traditional college experience. I'd go to parties. There you go. Not only did your parents bribe away into school, but she took a spot from another student who might have wanted to go to participate in the academic part of college. And all she wants to do is go party. And let's get real about this. She has about a million and a half follow or something like that. She has monetize her channel Sephora or Seth Rodman how to pronounce it has just. Right. Just dropped her because of the scandal. So the parents in the attempt to get prestige. So they could say a Libya goes to the school or that schoolers or whatever have now honestly taken away the living that she was already making. She didn't need college. She was already, you know, somebody who was doing something that didn't require that degree or didn't require a doctorate. So they honestly only hurt her the first way by by pretending she's smarter than she is had better grades than she did and getting into a school taking a slot from somebody. They've now taken away her living. How stupid another question, but I'd love to hear your opinion as a young person seeing this unfold this girl would have been so much better. Not being involved in this at all. Yeah. I completely agree with you. And the problem is that every single person thinks they absolutely need to go. Get a college degree to be successful. Which is it should not be the case. There are plenty of jobs. Whether you want to go into a specific trade or whether you want to be an entrepreneur that allows you to succeed without college. But because we as society how this idea that a college degree entitled. To something we see parents forcing their children to go to school. And in the case of this scandal hurting, their children in the process by one teaching a terrible terrible lesson to really hurting this girl's career in all of these students futures because whether these children you about it or not, you know, maybe their parents told them their parents didn't tell them to reflect poorly on a student and haunt them for the

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