Genes may be why some women on birth control still get pregnant, study claims


Three hundred fifty healthy women median age twenty two and a half years old all of them with contraceptive implants. So that should be a hundred percent infective. They looked. For things they had in common. Five percent of these women tested positive for a gene CYP three seven star one c. It's a gene that breaks down hormones. In most people, it's active during early development, and then turns off, but apparently in a subset of women. It is still active and while they did not link it with any, you know, pregnancy effects in these the five percent of the women. Nobody got pregnant during the study so extensively the birth control was working just fine. Yeah. Was working just fine. But this could be the beginning of an of a delving deeper into this reason of why why these implants why birth control doesn't work all the time. And they looked at hormone levels in the women, and they found that those five percent of the women with this gene had lower circulating hormone levels than women without the cheap. So this is great. You could test for this g. Gene. And if you know birth control will not be as effective on you hormonal birth control will not be as effective on you. You can use other methods. There's the copper I you d- that doesn't use hormones at all you can you can just use condoms. You can you can know. That's like the least effective. Well, I mean as put it is. Maybe that's an opportunity to use both. Then maybe if you know that birth that hormonal birth control isn't as effective. Maybe you double up. Right. So I think this is this is excellent. The more that women can know their own bodies the better they can make their own

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