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Kind of make a little more comfortable ah Doug ice shelters before and slept in them. It's going where from you to the side of a mountain with ten feet of snow to desert where it was a hundred twenty during the day. But at night time, it'll drop down to liken seventies. And so now you're trying to, you know, stay cool, stay somewhat warm pool environment. And so, you know, it's all challenges. But you look back at, you know, have cool at the time, I really sucked or suck factors all over the place. A lot of back then it was kind of cool, including digging is where you know, it's freezing outside we get in there. And all of a sudden, it starts warming up and you're on. Oh, man. I don't wanna get out. And so it's a lot of fun. The seems like you guys the air force is the best that the whole ice cave situation. Not that I'm competitive or anything, but you guys definitely cornered the market on the ice keep skills. Gotta say we had a guy on a PJ who share that the sign of a true friendship income rod ary between operators is if you'll share your P bottle in an ice cave. Like, if you invest.

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