First Things First, Cristiano Renaldo And Jeff Mallon discussed on GSMC Soccer Podcast


Gas, Merrick. I'm your host Jeff Mallon often boy Champions League really guts going because not only Cristiano Renaldo poll up on the biggest clutch wins. I've ever seen personally. But also messy just took another team town to town downtown that made sense. You know, I wish I could really just rewind this. But I think I if I could rewind this and restart it. But you know, what being honest with you guys knowing that. I said a terrible terrible line. I think that makes it I think that brings us closer as viewership in listener. I really do. What do you guys think? I think so too. Okay. Moving on. Then as we saw we will talk yesterday's Barcelona, Leo and matchup as was Bearn Munich versus Liverpool. And of course, Juventus resolutio- in the match that was unreal. And they Manchester City just blinking shelter. In a Gannett should not have been should been close. Really? It wasn't close. Never was close. It was kind of a joke, actually all things considered. But regardless we will talk first things first. So as you all are where a lead Akot was up to nothing in the first leg winning the first leg and all they had to do is basically score one go right one. Maybe two to be safe. Just they couldn't let Juventus score three goals to nothing and

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