Mexican Soldiers Pointing Guns At American Troops At The Border


Harrison is immigration crisis. Mexican soldiers are pointing guns at US troops along the border. President Trump says that's going to stop. We start our team coverage. Now KTAR Jeremy foster live with more came out in a tweak this morning, Bob. From the president saying Mexican soldiers recently pulled guns at our national guard troops national border patrol council. Chief brain a judge told morning news. It's a diversionary tactic history of Mexican military crossing the border making incursions into the United States and oftentimes are doing to describe our border patrol agents from what's really happening, which is narcotics being smuggled across the border. President also tweeted today he's sending troops to the border. As a result. Judge says he's heard that's being discussed but hasn't heard actually happening right now live in the news center. Jeremy foster KTAR news. I'm Jim cross live in the news center last weekend, border patrol cameras captured masked heavily-armed smugglers full tactical gear leading Central American mom and her eight year old son through vehicle. Into the US near Louisville border patrol agent. Jacob stupid Berg typically in this area. Individuals from Central America will pay in the neighborhood of seven thousand dollars to be smuggled across and this is also the same area where we have large groups of individuals that have crossed the border in months

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