News in Brief 24 April 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations, although against civilians are continuing to suffer high levels of casualties due to ongoing conflict rates are at their lowest levels since the beginning of twenty thirteen. That's according to figures released on Wednesday by the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan Unum, which documented five hundred eighty one civilian death is in one thousand one hundred ninety two injured during the first three months of this year that represents a twenty three percent drop for the same period last year driven by a fall in the number of suicide attacks as well as an unusually harsh winter unanimous that it was very concerned by the continuing targeting of civilians in an increase in casualties from the use of non suicide explosives by anti-government elements. There was also a significant increase in casualties due to aerial in search operations, which led to an uptick in casualties at two hands of pro government forces afternoon Tessie four day visit to Silicon Valley in California. The went High Commissioner for human rights. Michelle Basch Lee has hurt all states to adopt a smart mix of measures to regulate new technologies finding a smart mix digital networked environment. He's particularly challenging and requires innovative thinking Misbach said on Wednesday heading that regulation needs to be flexible and capable of evolving to address the changing needs of this sector, highlighting the urgency of finding solutions to some of the major threats to human rights posed by technological advances. The union rights chief said that technology, can and should be all about progress. But she warned that usually invasive powers were being unleashed. By tech innovation which do incalculable damage without enough checks. May specially also announced the project to help technology companies incorporate established international human rights principles into their work in finally U N High Commissioner for refugees Filippo Grandi issued a statement on Wednesday expressing his deep shock and thorough. Over this relentless attacks on Easter day in the rising death toll UNHCR chief said he felt encouraged by the outpouring of solidarity in calls for unity from all corners of the world. Adding that violent extremism must not divide us. Mr. Grandi said the agency would stand by the government in people of Sri Lanka a country that has offered protection to refugees of diverse religions in nationalities at the same time as it continues to recover from its own experience of division and conflict during its long, civil war and Carmel. You're news.

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