Sebastian Errazuriz Sculpts Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs & Elon Musk as Roman Emperors

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Co-founder, Steve Jobs is being featured. And then interesting sounding art show. Cult of Mike has word of the beginning of the end a show by Chilean artist Sebastian era, zero's a number of big tech names or featured in the show, including Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Alon mosque and Sergei Bren. According to the peace eras decision to make the figures look Roman and heroin purposely exaggerates the mythology of each person represented much of his work as an artist as social commentary. It is clear reserves has lost sleep over technologies. Hold on us. The cult says bazo says carrying a spear as he rides a horse rearing up on its back. Lags musk is depicted as a wounded angel brand is wearing Google glass in the robes of an emperor Zuckerberg appears as a buzzed his stiff face seemingly detached from his subjects and what Mr. jobs his is opposed. Reminiscent of Rodin the thinker not bad though. The piece points out that that Iconex statue initially served as the centerpiece for a bigger work by Rodin called the gates of hell called the prophet in the reserve show, the artist says the first culture of the series is Steve Jobs, historically in different religions. There's a profit that brings board. A message a gospel that rests with the audience and becomes part of their lives. It'd be think about it his tablets, which he distributes to all of us change our lives entirely. And the moment we all. Start carrying a device. That captures information. It starts to change the way we think and arrack with other people. It's almost like the start of a new religion. Hamlet said one may smile and smile and be a villain. Just because they're reserves as dressing the tech Lord's heroes. Doesn't mean he sees them. As such the show will be presented at the Elizabeth collective in New York City. The beginning of the end begins next Wednesday. The first of may it ends on Friday. The twenty fourth

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