Browns trade DE Ogbah to Chiefs for S Murray

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We got some breaking news. We've got a trade live on the Browns have traded. Emmanuel AGA do the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for safety. Eric Murray manual by nice nice pick up by the chiefs, a guy that took your line there. A guy that that PF effort instance, always loves Aqaba because he's very much a hurry not quarterbacks hits or sack guy. But he's going against the Ron and get some pressure. Like he's starting NFL player, and they need some of those on there. They were trying to move the Browns also cut Derek kindred the safety today because he started to cost too much for what he was because of some sort of contract stipulation. But I thought they were gonna go out and get Eric berry potentially. So they still might do. They might Dorsey burn the phone lines with his old with his old front office group here Eric Murray's played a lot too. So that's the guy I think that they need would not trade odd. But I wouldn't think unless it's for someone that they believe is going to get on the field for them. Because I like what was Murray's played a lot of snaps for a horrible second. I'm not saying he's great. I'm saying they probably see them as having a role that I didn't understand the the need to get rid of odd buds. Good to have with defensive

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