What if we just ... closed the border?


Full disclosure, I suppose that whole close the southern border thing. Not my original idea. If we don't make a deal with congress the border is going to be closed under percent, President Trump obviously in the Oval Office today. White House aides had been hemming and Haworth all day about whether the president was really serious about his threat to close the border with Mexico security is his main concern, the president says, and as you just heard he is completely serious except the economy. Sure, there will be avacado shortages and whatnot. If the president goes through with his threat, but let's think really big here, shall we say the entire American automobile industry. Marketplace's Tracey Samuelson gets us gone. Let's start really small with a car seat the leather. Phone a little electric bit. That moves it forward and backward and changes the incline. Many of those bits were made or symbol in. Mexico says Keith head a professor at the university of British Columbia along the way, it may have gone back to three four times across the Texas border in Mexico. I'm back to the US and without a certain piece. You can't make a seat that seats can make a car like that story about the for the want of a nail. The battle was lost automakers. Simply don't stockpile their parts they have them delivered as they're needed. And there are lots of parts that can only be sourced in Mexico says Kristen g check with the center for automotive research. We would see a ripple effect pretty quickly. I think within a week. We would shut down almost all of the US auto motive industry. Yeah. Shut down within a week. Michelle Krebs is an analyst with auto. Trader we saw that with the earthquakes in Japan? There was one electric component. It's shut down a lot of plants not just Japanese but American ones because that's where they got that this. I would be much much bigger. In fact, Charles chess, bro and economist at Cox automotive says, the consequences would be so dramatic you the president do this for more than a day or two without we'll make no economic zone. So we something like this in place. The added supply chain between the US and Mexico is so integrated one simply can't function without the other.

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