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James Corden: Chubby People 'Never Have Sex' On TV Or In Films


James corden has criticized the exclusion of chubby people in films and on TV saying, you know, they never ever get to fall in love on TV and in the movies. They never have sex speaking to speaking on David Tennant's podcast, the TV host added that certainly no one ever finds you attractive. Onscreen if you are a larger size, the added that those actors are at best cast as good and funny people in a friend and friends of someone else's attract the funny friend Morton said being excluded from rolls spurred him onto right Gavin. And Stacey I don't know. If that, I guess it's a show. He's written said, I had no idea if I'd be able to ride it came about because I've done a film with Shane meadows. Mike Leigh film and a done fat friends on TV. And so he's re oh it's a play. He's written. And I think a chubby person gets to you know, he's very he's exceptionally talented. It's just really really

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James Corden: Chubby People 'Never Have Sex' On TV Or In Films

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