Slain college student apparently mistook suspect's car for Uber ride


Meanwhile, a college student from New Jersey found dead in South Carolina on Saturday apparently got into the car of a stranger thinking, it was her Uber ride so say investigators have also announced an arrest in the case police in Columbia say the body of Samantha Josephson was discovered dumped in the woods about sixty five miles away from where she was last seen climbing into a black Chevy Impala the twenty one year old USC student from Robbins Ville was reportedly headed home from a night out in the city's entertainment district after getting separated from friends police chief William Holbrook has Twenty-four-year-old Nathaniel Roland was arrested after he was pulled over for a traffic. Stop and his black Chevy Impala and tried to make a run for it. Also gave chase was able to make an apprehension after a short chase when they return back to the car further examination determined that. There was what appeared to be blood present. In the call the victim cell phone turned up in that car is well police say the suspect activated the backseat child safety locks on the doors could only be opened from the outside. Police are now warning Uber and lift to customers to follow some basic safety tips like not waiting for your ride outside with your phone in your hand. Make sure the car is the right? Make and model before you climb in and also double check the license plate number with the one on

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