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Don't read Bollock for another few months but half of that was repurchased Truman from yesterday from guy here on shallow America, eleven minutes after the hour of eight forty nine in front of nine Sean pink filling in this morning. If you've been on social media this week, and you're connected into the Jewish community of the world the way most of us. I'm social media are then you've seen that the number one story this week was a heartwarming. And yet frustrating story the story of the Shalva band. Now, they are a band out of Israel. Members of which are all of almost everybody in the group has some sort of either. Developmental or physical disability. There are blind. Members of the group. There are members of the group who have autism. And then there's a few members of the group the musical director is a. Is is a. I don't wanna say I'm trying to think of the the correct word all of a sudden my mind is blanking here. But he's a he does not have any handicap or any disability. He is typical. That's the word. Here's a typical functioning adult in the group made up of these young adults at made its debut. They've been performing around Israel for a long time. They do a lot of covers of songs in English and in Hebrew, and they need their TV debut or major TV debut of few weeks ago on the pre Eurovision program co five how the rising star, which is how groups compete to get into the Eurovision competition, which will be taking place in Israel. In just a few weeks in may actually, which will be in Tel Aviv. Now. Members of the group are Schommer Shabbat. And they were informed after they had made it to the finals of co Kabah. They were one of the I guess four or five groups that we're going to compete to make it to the actual Eurovision performance on behalf of Israel representing Israel on a program. Did you view the most viewed program all year long in Europe non-sports program in Europe? And in parts of Asia. They were this close to making it, and they found out they had to appear on on Shabbat that there was a Friday evening rehearsal was recorded that they would have to be at in. There would be others Shabbat day activities. They would have to be involved in for the program and people spoke up on behalf of the band, including the band's director. And he said, we we won't appear unless the entire band can appear and they can't do that. If they have to be there on Shabbat, and Shirley with this taking place in Israel. There must be a way around it in the European television union, the EBay, you would not find a way to allow Shalva to appear. They said there was just no way that a competitor could appear if they couldn't be present. On Friday and Saturday on on Chabad so demand dropped outta Koha by they said, they don't want to compete and win the spot not be able to appear now con the Israeli public broadcaster, which will be producing Eurovision with the with the European broadcast union has announced that they are going to feature the Shalva band during the Sunday night finale broadcast when they announced the winner, they will be one of the future performers. So you know, like, how American idol brings in people who didn't necessarily appear on the show, but they bring in other performers. They bring back previous performance. That's what they're going to do on Eurovision. So a happy ending. They won't get to compete and represent Israel as part of Eurovision, but they will get to appear on the international Eurovision broadcast on the second and final night the finale night of the broadcast. So pullback abode and good for sticking there. Guns. It's unfortunate that they couldn't arrange a way for them to actually appear on the in in the competition. But at least at least there's a way around it and Yasha call to the people at Khan at the Israel public broadcaster network who came up with the solution. That's a fitting solution. So the story of the Shalva band will continue in may when they appear on night number two of Eurovision as performers not competitors. Peter him from Santa.

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