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Actually where our normal clothes and go to the show, which is just a huge, plus in it also the organizers at the Chicago auto show, especially the media people Markelle, but he's as Bialokur Margaret is with any like, yeah, he he's just outstanding. I mean, they send tons of information. You're never left in the dark. You're never going around by. Well, what are we doing houses happening? Where's the show? You know? So it's really nice. I I give them kudos because every year. They just do an outstanding job of getting it organized for all the media that shows up. So there's a lot of things going on at the auto show. Not a lot of debuts that we've heard about. So they're doing a good job. Keeping it quiet. But probably a couple of the big ones the Toyota Tacoma, they're bringing out a a new model that they're going to be showing actually not a new model kind of an updated model register some refresh model, but the point is that they've got to do something because the Ford ranger has come out and they've taken on the Toyota Tacoma as the one to beat. So it's gonna be interesting how and what they're going to be doing to show us what the differences are the improvements that they've made to keep them competitive in this tough segment because let's

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