The “Identity Politics” Debate Is Splintering the Left


Liberals splintering, how often have you heard about the defections and departures from the left end of the liberal party spectrum while in fact, the major defections attacking place on the right side of the coalition parties and the splintering, well, that's Lockley to have a legislative impact. Remember in twenty sixteen nearly a million conservatives could not stomach, Malcolm Turnbull. So they voted for alternative parties and deed, many lifelong liberals even preference lineup and that nearly cost the coalition office after being in power for only one term and one of the major bell grounds in the upcoming. Newsouth whilst election will be that for the house after mosh Twenty-three mono- on the rot. They luckily to hold the balance of power, so as the liberal national coalition, increasingly. Splinters? What's the objective of one nation, the Liberal Democrats, and the Australian conservatives Mark life is one nation candidate for the New South Wales up house? He's also a former federal labor later. Great to have you back on between the law and mock, thanks very much. Tom Corey Benatti is leader of the Australian conservatives and Senator he's a former liberal holiday Corey very good and David limbic is the newly elected liberal Democratic Party member in the Victorian legislative council. Welcome to the program, David hot, Tom NASA. Now, let's start with how each of you got to where you are now, politically and philosophically Mark your former vigil, I believe throughout the two thousand four election campaign. You were the darling of the metropolitan sophisticates a few years ago you join the L D P. Now, you're a one nation candidate for the New South Wales up a house. How do you can't your audio odyssey? Well, there are many issues, Tom, but I think generally. I would think that I've stayed pretty well stabling terms of minority logical position. Join the live party forty years ago, because I had a great believe in meritocracy that if we provide good social and economic opportunities for people and pick jobs promotions roles in society based on merit. We could have the good society that would be a genuine social democratic objective. And I still believe in that tonight, forty years lighter meritocracy, whereas unfortunately, live or another lift of Santa parties have moved to a system of identity politics, which instead of judging H individual on their merit. They work ethic that community contribution there night quality as an individual. They judging them on rice, gender and sexuality and these categories. I believe our betrayal of the ideals that people like Whitlam and hawks it for the live party, by diner, tree, social, democracy and social Justice. It's really. My opposition to identity politics that has seen me arrive in one nation, but it's more that live as moved to the left. They've very much allied green party and as long as they johnke meritocracy and embrace identity politics. They weren't have more support. Not I think they'll achieve their objects. What Ronald Reagan said when he left the Democrats joined the Republicans, he said, I didn't leave my party my party, lift me, well to some extent, but I think most people would acknowledge over the past dick item in particular politics. China fundamentally there's been a collapse in the quality of leadership since the defeat of the Howard government twelve years ago, the embrace of identity issues led to a transformation on I this is an example. But who would have thought in the news, we have this week that significant number of employees would be leaving the British live party on the grounds of racism and anti semitism story. And it just shows you the. Impact of identity politics is in fact, a new form of racism practiced by the lift and for me, that's the part of the beliefs. I had decades ago and the beliefs I still today

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