Hanoi Summit May Advance North Korea's Objectives, Experts Say


Gordon Chang with Korea, Gordon to what North Korea to what am I think that essentially it is going to be a photo op the North Koreans are gonna make some superficial concessions. We will actually give them more than we get. And I would prefer the second summit not occur. John Gordon has a new book losing South Korea, which is involved very much in the the days ahead of us with North Korea. Someone to help us about these conversations is Suzanne Scholte, president of the defense forum foundation chair of the North Korea freedom coalition, especially on North Korean rights. Violations. Says good evening to you, expect human rights to be part of the conversation of the new summit. What understand is it's not on the agenda. And I absolutely believe that the human rights issues cannot be separated from the nuclear issue. And there's a number reason why I say that first of all. The any dictatorship that is threat to the to the outside world is without exception a threat to their own people. So the human rights issues are totally linked with the nuclear threat. But a second thing that's really critical for Americans to understand. And that is that the justification that Kim Jong Kim Il song Kim Jong Il, the whole Kim dictatorship family the justification. They've always used for creating the needing a nuclear program is because of the threat from the United States in North Koreans are fed a steady diet of propaganda from childhood that America's enemy America wants to destroy them that we're Yankee imperials wolves occupy South Korea. So when we do not bring up our grave concern about the suffering. The North Koreans face we feed into their propaganda and their thing to point out to John. Yup. The highest ranking defector who actually defected in nineteen Ninety-seven because he thought that the. Regime was going to collapse. He said the achilles heel for the Kim dictatorship is human rights. It's the most important issue. So I am a big believer that that I could argue that it's it is at least as important as a nuclear shoop, if not more important and Susan, you know, you go across the border in China where does China put his most ablest diplomats into its human rights dialogue largely because they know how important it is to China. And so they try to smother the UN at the Human Rights Council. They do all the rest of it. Well, all these regimes do the same thing. And you look at North Korea. You know, President Trump not in this state of the union message. But the one before it had that defector the escapee ki sung ho who is run over by a train. He raised his crutches that was emotional high point of that state of the union, and unfortunately, we don't see the Trump administration pushing that right now because as you say these issues cannot be divided. And so this is important for us to get this. Right. Yes. But I will say this. I I'm hoping I I was sick watching the the Singapore summit because you saw the leader of the free world holding hands with the leader of the the least free nation on earth, the represented one of the most suffering places on earth holding hands the flags together it really made me sick. But I started to think that there may be a strategy here that that Trump is trying to to to draw him in. He is the whether you love trumps hate Trump. He is absolutely had been credibly successful businessman, and I started to think, well, maybe he's like the used car salesman. Who says to me, I don't look a day over thirty people when they're trying to sell me a car that he's drawing him in. And that's my hope that the that. This is the art of the deal meets the art of deception. But I certainly would have wanted to see more things happened before I would have committed to a summit. You know, it's Gordon as you just pointed out is this going to be a photo op we ever gonna see anything out of it. For example, we have if if the North Koreans you're asking for end of the war declaration, if they wanna have an end of the war declaration. Why don't they let the several hundred South Korean POW's, go home? Why out the account for the eighty thousand South Korean civilians that were dragged and taken against their will into North Korea? There are certain things that need to be addressed before. We Suzanne you mentioned something that most Americans don't know. And that is North Korea has an indeterminate number of South Korean soldiers from the Korean war, which they've never released the number was estimated at five hundred about a decade ago. Obviously there are fewer now, but North Korea is still holding people from the Korean war. Exactly. And there's at least a couple of hundred that are still alive. This is something that was denied by that regime. How do we know that that this this? Did they really exist because seven over seventy nine of escape since since two thousand and eight so it's again, people escaping out of that country the refugees the POW's that we're able to get out that tell us the reality and the truth about what's going on inside North Korea. And that's why we should be talking about these issues and the human rights issues been putting them at the

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