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Weeks. I've spoken with variety of leaders from various industries, and there are a few trends emerging from these conversations. I mean yesterday is a Texaco shortage at the moment and organizations need to work harder to attract the right talent today company unpredictably in these customer Centric times the candidates a very often now holding all the cards businesses. Could no longer say that this company is all about the people without actually backing it. Oh, and actually looking after their people and workers are no longer content with just clocking in and clocking out and going through the daily grind. They wanna feel a part of something deep down. They wanna make a difference. An also feel valued by their company an employer to the days of. Micromanage us bullying staff members saying you've got to five in your appraisal book up or you'll be out of here, thankfully, disappearing because I think the same expectation levels. We now have as consumers when are carrying those into the workplace to offer a tangent here. An example are recently observed was over here in the UK Jose Marino, he was often labelled as the special because every football club, he managed he transformed into a championship winning side. But he's lace return at Chelsea. And then a man just, you know, it ended in disaster. And I found myself scratching hand thinking, well, what's changed in that time? And appears to me, at least the days were what the gaffer says goes in everyone else's opinion, doesn't count no longer works Unani to treat people differently or they just won't work for you. Or of course in Jose's position the team stop playing for him. And when not just you know, it got social in who is more focused on the needs of the players and giving them a little bit more freedom. That same team that was losing and went on a ten match on be enrolled. That's just my opinion, of course. But he's clear to me that there is a change in the air. So today I wanted to tackle how technology can actually help increase employee engagement and also offer employees perks to actually mean something called zestful recently discovered that when they could to a nationwide survey asking people if they would prefer a hundred and thirty thousand dollars salary or hundred thousand salary plus benefits and an experience allowance an incredible eighty percent of the survey respondents preferred the lowest salary and the perks package over the highest salary. What a great talking point so book elope and hold on time. So I can be Muir is all the way to Denver, Colorado. So we can speak with zestful co founder and CEO Vogel's about how our expectations and the experience a Konami transforming employee perks and employee engagement. So massive warm. Welcome to the show. Can you tell the listeners Labatt who you are? And what you do. Absolutely. My name is Matt Vogel's. I am the founder and CEO of zestful zestful is making it really easy for for companies of any size to create the perfect employee perk program, and we do that with what we call our zestful perk card. It looks and works like a regular debit card accepts it can only be used on the products that the company allows in only up to a specific balance. So for example, common. Use case would be a company gives fifty dollars a month to all of their employees that can only be used on fitness and health. So the employees can use it at their favorite, Jim, maybe their favorite fitness apps. But if they tried to use it at a gas station or a grocery store or even something like Spotify, or Netflix that are not fitness and health the card would decline so in a way. Hey, what we've done is. We've allowed these companies to create these perfect perk programs, but completely eliminating that reimbursement process. Essay sounds so folks any employee I've encountered a previous jobs, especially IT. Well, that's another story. Episode, but it's making eighty for companies of any size to create not perfect employee perk is incredibly hard to actually achieve but you just set the scene and tell me a little bit more about what it is how you achieve and also, of course, what makes it unique from all those other employees companies out there. Yeah. And I kind of wanted to start that question with the two different angles that we come from. I think if you're a small company than the difficulty is actually giving a perk that your employees will will look at and recognize typically small companies can't pay high salaries, they can't give these tremendous perks and rewards, but what they can do is you something like zestful to give twenty five dollars a month that they can use on Netflix or Spotify, and those type of things so from the small company side, it gives them this competitive advantage. We would say from a large company size zestful is valuable on a different angle. And that when you have hundreds of employees the operational costs of managing. Program like a reimbursement process for fitness and health could take hours if not days of somebody's time. So from a small company perspective where the secret ingredient that lets them easily do something like employee perks from a large company perspective, we eliminate that very heavy cumbersome reimbursement process. Now, a great step from zestful last week after you conducted a nationwide Servite up interested at the end of this podcast him back full. Listen to see what they thought it was well, basically US people if they would prefer a hundred thirty thousand dollars salary or a hundred thousand salary plus net. Flicks HBO, Hulu spa if I had space a mail delivery service, you'll gym membership twenty dollar a month allowance to char- if that choice and a hundred hundred dollars a month. Experience allowance surprisingly all on surprising. The eighty percent of survey respondents for

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