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Spasms. We need to seek help. He's got tetanus one doctor said, I never thought my life. I would ever see it. It's been thirty years. Thirty years, according to the center for disease control prevention since it was last seen a pediatric tetanus thirty years. What did it cost? Well, let's talk about that. Fifty seven days in the hospital some of them in intensive care. Right. Some of them in intensive care. Big time. Then he had to go from there to another hospital where they started slowly, but surely teaching him to do some stuff, and and and physical therapy and things of that nature that racked up a Bill of about eight hundred thousand dollars. Now, you say to yourself. Well, those parents learned the lesson right? So they're going to get him shots. No, no. No. No, they're not they cited. Now, they weren't going to do it. They weren't gonna do it. They're not gonna get him shots. And you sit here and say, well, there you go. Go some of the stuff he had to do. He had to be in a darkened room for weeks. He wore earplugs, no stimulation to avoid making his spasms worse. His pain was so bad. They said the doctors took care not to trigger him even with their voices. We had to whisper. But mom and dad have said, nah. Now, we don't want him to get whatever it is. We think he's going to get. What can you do? What can you do? I don't know. And here's my thing. And I've tried to talk to people anti factor resistance. Is it only things like tetanus and measles mumps? And all that stuff.

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