Senate rejects rival Dem, GOP plans for reopening government


NBC News Radio. I'm Lisa Carter. A Senate vote is expected this week on a resolution blocking President Trump's emergency declaration at the southern border. It will likely pass with several Republicans planning to join Democrats the house passed a resolution of disapproval recently and Trump has pledged to issue his first veto prompt wants to tap into defense department to help build his border wall during his presidential campaign. Trump repeatedly promised Mexico would pay for the wall. The US is withdrawing American personnel from the US embassy in Venezuela. Secretary state Mike Pompeo says this comes says conditions there continue to deteriorate patients waiting treatment. At hospitals are dying food is rotting. Telecommunications networks are entirely collapsing. In january. The Trump administration recognize opposition leader one Guido as the legitimate president. The New York Times is reporting that the New York attorney general's office has issued subpoenas to banks over or major Trump organization projects. Deutchebanks and investors Bank have had their record subpoenaed in regards to financing of four major Trump organization projects and it failed attempt in two thousand fourteen to purchase the Buffalo Bills spearheaded by attorney general Letitia James this probe comes after Trump's former lawyer and fix Michael Cohen testified in front of congress last month at the president inflated his assets on financial statements submitted to Deutsche Bank, the subpoenas reportedly seek the loan applications mortgages and lines of credit among other transactions involving Trump International hotel in Washington. The Trump national Doral outside Miami and the Trump International hotel and tower in Chicago, Mike, Bauer NBC, News Radio T mobile and sprint continue their push for twenty six billion dollar merger company executives. We'll speak before the House Judiciary committee today to argue. Their case T Mobile's promising to maintain sprints low income assistance plan amid concerns from Democrats that a merger would drive prices up and

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