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An allegation I think it hasn't been proved yet Cohen also with see he also described a purchase of a painting by Trump's own charity. The Trump foundation this'll be the third time. If it's true, the Trump had used his private charity to buy artwork of himself. That's already produced. The first two cases of produced a lawsuit in New York state from the new York Attorney General against Trump. If this is true, it might be. Added that lawsuit. How are is his charity? It was never very big. It was a weird charity in that. It only ever had a million and a half. I think about it only about three million at the most. But the it was called the Donald J Trump foundation most of its money in the last ten years did not come from Trump, most of its money, oddly came from Vince, and Linda McMahon, the wrestling moguls when the men also known as the small business minister under Trump, they gave five million dollars Trump's foundation in two thousand seven to nine and have never explained why far more than Trump himself ever gave it. So for many years, Trump was giving away and spending Vince McMahon's money. What about the federal Allen mice burn down? Wessel burgers, worked for the Trump Trump organization since the eighties. He was Fred Trump Trump from father he worked for him. He worked for Donald

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