News in Brief 23 April 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations nearly three weeks since fighting began in the Libyan capital Tripoli, the U N health agency want on Tuesday that large numbers of people are sheltering in medical clinics, while civilians continue to be killed or injured and refugees and migrants remain trapped in detention centers in an update to journalists spokesperson targes Revich from the World Health Organization or WHO said that two hundred sixty four people had died so far in clashes between the UN recognized government of national accord or GNA and the Libyan national army Ellena, including twenty one civilians echoing those fears above our Bella from UNHCR, the UN refugee agency appealed for humanitarian access to thousands of refugees and migrants believe trapped in state run detention centers, south of the capital. Our concern is for some six thousand who still remain in detention inside some of the detention locations. But also the. Major concern is for about three thousand six hundred refugees that are currently trapped in some of the detention center, which are very close where the fighting is taking place now in the past two weeks UNHCR has moved five hundred and forty one vulnerable refugees from the detention centers of are Casablanca Garcia IB Salim and genzer to a safe location in central Tripoli to the DRC now or Democratic Republic of the Congo where the World Health Organization or WTO says it has been forced to suspend some Ebola related activities following the killing of a N epidemiologist in Battambang last Friday, according to the U N health agency, the body of Dr Richard Valerie, Mizuko Kibben, a father of four will be flown back to Cameroon on Wednesday. In addition to Dr Masuku's death to other people were injured in the attack on temple university hospital, but they are recovering WHO spokesperson Tarik Jezora, which said it was not yet clear who was responsible. But that the. Incident had forced at WHO to suspend some activities in potential, although not elsewhere. But cannot really give you the answers on who did this and why they'd be number of incidents whether being directly targeting evola responders or security incidents on something else where we were caught in the middle. But the result is that we do not provide vital services. And then once we get back to community, then we see increasing number of cases because the transmission was ongoing while we were not their latest data from the authorities indicate that the Ebola outbreak has claimed more than eight hundred seventy lives since it was confirmed last August and finally to Sri Lanka where some forty five. Children are now believed to have been killed in the coordinated terrorist suicide bombings across the country on Easter Sunday. According to you and children's fund UNICEF today to more than three hundred and twenty people are believed to have died and around five hundred more have been injured in a statement condemning the outrage. Which targeted churches and hotels. The UN agency said that the young victims were a mixture of both Sri, Lankan and other nationalities. The youngest victim is believed to have been eighteen months old, UNICEF spokesperson Kristof. Billions and said twenty children have been admitted to hospital in Colombo with four of them in intensive care. As a result of the plastic in Columbine, many children have lost one or both parents and countless children have been witnessed to shocking and senseless violence, according to reports, Sri Lankan police have arrested dozens of suspects in connection with the bombings. Daniel Johnson UN news.

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