Post 'Game of Thrones,' can HBO still be HBO?


I'm Kim masters in. This is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as Matt Belony of the Hollywood reporter, and Matt there was a big splashy premier in New York last few days for game of thrones. That has been a huge hit for HBO, and it is ending, and it is ending as Richard player, the longtime head of HBO is has resigned and is leaving and John stanky the new head of Warner media installed by AT and T. The new owners of what was Time Warner is looking to HBO to generate more content. I don't know. I mean, I wasn't at the premiere neither you, but if for reading about it from a distance it felt to me like is this the end of something or can HBO continued to be be. Oh, well, that's the big question is game of thrones. For the past decade has been the HBO signature show and you see up to thirty million viewers for one show, which is unheard. And of and now they are facing for the first time a post game of thrones HBO, and yes, there are as many as four they're calling them successor series in development, and who knows if those will work, but can they amass the same audience and grow it to the extent AT and T wants to grow it without that signature show. Yeah. And veep is ending too. I mean they've been on such a role. And so I guess one of these spin offs is casting. But of course, it's going to be a while before that's show. And and the question is a site. Geiss question will people still be there when it returns to they love game of thrones? And that that ongoing way can they maintain that that level of whatever it was about game of thrones? That has so many people so in love with it. And and at the same time are they going to just hold onto their subscriptions waiting. Yeah. We did a pole this week in Hollywood reporter that. It show that twenty eight percent of people have unsubscribe to a channel or streaming service based on one show coming to an end, and that's an interesting stat. Because if there was ever a show that would drive interest in network, it would be game of thrones. Which is the number one show on television. That's one issue. The second issue is that AT and T is really pushing HBO to be more of a volume player. More shows more demographics, creating content for and really trying to ramp up the output, but game thrones was game of thrones. Because HBO took its time it spent lavishly these final six episodes are reportedly costing more than ten million dollars each, and they really, you know, it was a bespoke product that turned into a massive hit is AT and T going to give that kind of freedom to create. What will what will ultimately be the next game of thrones that we have no idea what that is. Now. Yeah. I mean, the lavishness of that party was old school HBO. I felt like it was HBO still being HBO. We we know very Well Matt that HBO throws some of the splashes parties that anybody throws in Hollywood. So are they even gonna continue that tradition? This is a regime change there. So we don't know how many of the people who were at H B O are now going to remain, and whether this transition in I have to say looking big picture at all the stuff that was acquired in this Time Warner acquisition HBO is now in transition. Bob green black arriving at Warner media running HBO as well as the some of the cable channels, Kevin CJ HARA gone. At Warner Brothers studio. There's just a lot going on right now at this company. And it feels like a lot of uncertainty is AT and T has only just really taken control of this company. HBO is the key here. They've gotta get HBO. Right. Because that is the two billion dollar a year cash cow and AT and T needs even more. Out of HBO because it is highly leveraged, thanks to this eighty five billion dollar deal to buy Time Warner and therein lies the potential irony. Thank you, Matt. Thank you, that's felony editorial director of the Hollywood. Reporter. He joins me this Monday at two o'clock on the business. I'm Kim masters, and this is the Hollywood breakdown.

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