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Now, the two remaining candidates in Ukraine's presidential elections are due to take blood tests on Friday as part of a bizarre row over holding debates. You heard it, right. Blood tests, multi mirror Zilenski, the comedian who won last week's first round offered on Wednesday to go head to head with Ukraine's. President petro porta shaneco in a football stadium. If several conditions were met, including a test for alcohol and drugs. Mr. Pershing agree to the test. But as far from clear, whether Mr. ski who has no political experience will ultimately take part in that debate. Let's go to Kiev and speak to our correspondent there Jona Fisher Jona where on earth. Did that blood test story come from? Did he just come up with it and said I'll stand against the president. We take a blood test. Well, this was all in snick video that was put on social media on Wednesday night, and basically missed us Alinsky this comedian candidate lay down the challenge. Precedent Pora shaneco saying I will do this debate. Because it has be lots of pressure. Mrs linski to do debates in for people to hear a bit more about this, biblical ideas. He said, I'll do that debate. But here

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