Emilia Clarke: Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen Is 'So Much a Part of Who I Am'


Game of thrones is coming the premier for the final season is just ten days away. And I'm flanked by two game of thrones freaks last night. The stars took to the red carpet for a special screening of the first episode ABC's will reap was there for the inside scoop. It was an epic red carpet fitting for the finale of game of thrones lazy? Characters from the past. Presence. Answering the tough questions. Jacob Anderson who plays the warrior grey, worm on who he would have liked to see his character take down. I wish I could spare on Jeffrey that would have been because he he was a. I feel like he needed a spe he needed this. Good sparing Emilia Clarke on leaving her mother of dragons character behind forever. I mean, she doesn't crack as many, David. And dragons, but she does in the women. John Bradley who plays the affable Sam on where he thinks his character and Gilly should settle down. He seems to be the place. They deserve a holiday. Hand on the show where you never know who's going to live or die actors revealing whose demise is touched them the most difficult. Sean amazing because it was just shocking. Main characters coder. I mean, this is probably my favorite scene in the entire. Series. So far away was put together you cutting. Death. This is a very emotional heartache devastating

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