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So well IMC so well, and I give a lot of energy. You know, the thing is too like MC and has just as much as energy giving as it is the artists that I'm presenting or announcing. Yeah, it's you gotta keep that energy up which is exactly to what we do here at W R T. I try to inspire you all three. Through through the sounds in the music. And so you as you're a singer songwriter, Sean down marks. And who do we have here, you need your own might don't be shy? Take your Mike you deserve it. You deserve. This is my daughter. She's in the studio with us today, and what's your name? My name is Eliana Eliana, we're in full name now. I love it. I love it. I knew who you were. I just wanted you to have the time to introduce yourself. You know, another very important. There's so many reasons to support the show. There's so many reasons why I myself am excited. And and and I just put my all into supporting this show as well as other endeavors, but it's our young people are young ladies who who need inspiration. I think sometimes they don't these these kids come in inspire us. Right. Don't break anything Kelly in no world. I'm not even talking to a child right now talking to the ground person in the break in things. But Ellie just so that, you know, we are here for you. And because of you, and it's a big reason why I want people to support the show because it is inspiring not just to the old young or knew what have you, but you know, like girls rock camp because your girls, right camper? Yes.

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