Ukraine's presidential vote pits comedian against incumbent


Of course, now let's go to Ukraine, we heard about the start the imminent start voting there at the start of this hour round two of the presidential election. The race between the incumbent petro parish Anco and Vladimir Zilenski a comedian. He's only experience of politics is playing the press. In a hit comedy on television. Nevertheless, he pulled around twice as many votes as president Pora Shankar in round one the lead up. Today's vote has been extraordinary. It's or both men. Take blood tests for drugs and alcohol and televised debate in a stadium which is head of the final vote today. We're live in Ukraine is one of the country's most prominent novelist entry Kirk of known for his surreal nightmare stories about life in Ukraine, including death and the penguin and his latest is the bickford fuse Andre welcome to the program. Thank you. Thank you. We spoke to you before the first round what if anything has changed since then in your mind. In the country. A lot has changed because now we have to follow camps. Oh, really? Coralline because they're very into vote for different candidates, and everyone is considered the site crazy irresponsible. What has has emerged during the campaign with regards to specific issues policies plans from either side? The main issues that radian hell, no plans, and he changed several times people in his team. So it's not clear who will be working with him. Once he becomes president. In fact, actually yesterday was slight scandal. When one of his exit visors complained that kids said that she never met him. So I mean, we know that if for Shanta. Gets. Victory. The station will be probably the same. But I've been Persian has done new promises and promise to speed up the direction towards Europe and NATO. Alinsky in his few statements said that he will edit the. Discussed about Ukrainian language will have rights to Russian speakers. Hit accusers lovely all the political inversion Korean being completely corrupted unable to leave the country, peaceful solution with they separate. Territories. One nothing yesterday the debate he used quite a neutral positive word about separatists instead of usual description of them as terrorists and bandits or listens to bring my guests in hurricane to ask questions of you. Mark stevens. I was interested in this whole thing about Vladimir Zilin ski. And it seems to me from the reporting. We're seeing in London that many of the voters and politicians are seeing him as somebody who if elected will be easy to manipulate. What's your take on that? I think they are. Right. Because he doesn't have any firm views. He doesn't have. Well, Rick program. He was reading the debate the members of his team from paper like, you know, their names, and we know that actually he was created and financed by the only gar either moisture who cannot come back to Ukraine, while per cent is president because criminal cases against him. So I think it's quite possible. But also large part of the voters will vote for the landscape just because they are against for us because they may TV channels creative so negative picture of Shankar. And they were completely incredible accusations against on eager key ski TV show. Actually, there was a problem where person of organizing of his own rather. And his brother many years ago, I think was killed in car accident. No, you spent some time in Ukraine have new teaching journalism and journalism ethics. Yes. I was I was interested to run the basis of of that having having been out there and worked with journalists in the Ukraine who were thrown into the situation where they're reporting on quite different than anything that ever done before. And what was in other countries as well as the media, not necessarily really rising to the challenge of these these populist candidate? So I was wondering if you could explain about how you you touched on it just now, but the extent to which the media has been able to really get under the surface of what these candidates have about what's actually really happening in this action. So a question. Yes. The journalists and how they've been able to cover it. Several different camps, of course, maintain which. Most of different oligarchy so gentlemen, schoolwork in there. I'm complying with policies in us over the owners of the TV channels independent. Journalists are working mostly for either slow TV channels all like. Journalistic investigations bureaus and website, and they're the live receiver grants from different international foundations, and actually I think the reason for the new tech against Persian was an investigation by journalist whose name is Smith a nigga who did it for a small TV channel in his investigatory program, and he reveal to the corruption in the defense industry of Ukraine, just before the elections, which contribute, of course, think to better better ratings for the landscape and worse ratings for word finally on eastern Ukraine on you've traveled there in recent times. What's the view there of this election? Well, it's interesting people who are voting for Yanukovych in the into elections. They're going to vote for the landscape the same time people on the Ukrainian side of the done. They now quite at odds with people on the separatist science, but for economical reasons, but generally, I think south east, and yeah and part of central Ukraine. Landscape because he's also speaker, and because he sort of wise to his disagreement with the national Listrik Ukrainian policies which were supported by for Shankar who has now the major support from three major Ukrainian-speaking region in the west of

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