Spoiler Alert: 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 2 Review


Were checking here for leeches, after right? having just Yeah. watched I'd mere be looking seconds right. ago. The latest episode of game of thrones eight oh two. Nobody knows the title. It's game of thrones episode sixty nine according to HBO. Are you gonna do they at some point? They do put up the titles, and I don't understand why you wouldn't do that. When you go live with your episode. They don't have that technology. Wwl call the president of HBO at eight fifty nine and whisper the episode title to them, and they can't get it into the system. Fasten update what secrecy secrecy? Crazy. What'd you think of this episode? I love this episode is pretty good this I didn't expect this is a this is another type of setup episode. This is a setup episode that sets up your emotional stakes and reminds you of wire invested in the things that are about to happen. And we had you know, there was some unfinished business that we needed to see with Jamie, and how he'd be accepted at the court of winter fell and how he'd mesh with brand. And how things would fall between John and Danny? And and like we talked about last episode that this is going to be one of the big themes of the season's going to be your Danny, and John maybe not turning against each other or though maybe that will happen, but how they can like win the north and unite all these different tribes and. And interest in factions. And I felt like episode went a long way for showing that they know that they need to do that with Danes having a sit down and Sanza and. It didn't quite resolve. But it came so damn close. What did you think? No. I thought this episode was actually great. Probably better than the first one. I didn't feel like any of it was clunky. I thought this is exactly the type of episode the need to do before presumably a lot of these characters. Go off to die. Right. I wanted to get all of that unfinished business off the table. We knew a lot of this stuff had to happen. And so now, and it happened in really nice ways. I thought maybe the best scene of the entire episode is brand being knighted. That was a really meaningful seen. I thought. There were a couple of other good ones. What did you think about? Aria gingery hooking up man because I felt like that this was a very fan service episode fan, and I felt like it was servicing. The for the most part like all that Jamie and brand stuff is so good and Tyrian to sit down with brand that was really cool, and I like to bring the sands, and Danny stuff and all the Jamie interior stuff was really good. But. I don't know if I was ready to see our star getting busy with again. Like, I wasn't like I was thinking like, you know. Okay. They're shipping them. Obviously last episode. The aria looks like she's kind of charmed by him and vice versa. And didn't the full on like. Yeah. Are neds little girls all grown up now. I guess. Yeah. She does a. What is it the RV gambit from independence day? Right. Yeah. Trying to sleep with her before they all, you know, potentially die. Who knows what he'll be around tomorrow? I do feel like don't you think that's in Arias character? Like her kind of adventuresome streak. Fuck it. This is a new experience. If I die tomorrow. Why not sure

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