Polls open in Ukraine's presidential election


On Sunday Ukrainians, you'll get a chance to fix that. When they vote in a presidential election and his NPR's Lucian, Kim fines anybody's guess who will win Ukraine's president petro. Parsh- Anco has a problem after five years in office, his popularity is in the cellar. That's because a low level war against Russian-backed fighters continues in eastern Ukraine, while his promises of your Radicati corruption and poverty remained largely unfulfilled. Although it's unlikely any of the thirty nine presidential candidates will win more than fifty percent in Sunday's election. It's not at all certain that partial will even make it to a run-off between the top two vote getters the president's campaign manager or Freenet puts on a brave face Bush on you book. No. Says internal polling shows the incumbent will comfortably get to the second round says a corruption scandal rocking portion goes inner circle is a distraction intended to divert attention from the president's progress in cleaning up the government. One of Pershing coz main challengers is a familiar face in Ukrainian, politics, Yulia Timoshenko, a fiery politician who has now given up her trademark braid for trendy glasses. Just a few steps from the president's office in central Kiev stance. Alexander, dude, Nick. Retired

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