Tennessee Fires Coach Holly Warlick After Seven Seasons With Lady Vols


I'm getting continue some some college basketball conversation, and we'll stay with the women. But to me this overall topic is more. So it's not just about women's basketball. But it's more. So about just the difficulties and how tough it is to follow a coaching legend. So the name Holly Warlick a lot of you won't won't know who that is. But she is or has been the head coach for the university of Tennessee women's basketball team in everybody knows how legendary that program is she play for the legendary Pat summitt she coached under Pat summitt and then succeeded Pat summitt as the lady vol's head coach. Well, she was like oh today. From the university of Tennessee. They're eighty Phillip Fulmer former football coach had this essay Holly, and I met this afternoon. And I informed her of the decision to change leadership within the program. Holly has dedicated most of her adult life to the university of Tennessee and the lady vol's program, she loves Tennessee and Tennessee needs to always love her back. She was front and center as this program developed into the model for women's intercollegiate excellence. Look. You talking about the heartbreak there's no greater heartbreak for her. Then what occurred today it's not just about losing a job. This had been her dream job. Right. Her dream job. She was a player there in one at Tennessee as a player. She

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