Trump presents Medal of Honor to family of fallen soldier


A US soldier killed in Iraq twelve years ago is now being recognized for his bravery army staff sergeant Travis Atkins died while protecting his combo. Pads from a suicide bomber NPR's. David welna reports on Wednesdays White House ceremony to honor him staff sergeant Atkins actions. Earning the medal of honor were officially described as gallantry Intrepidity beyond the call of duty on his second tour of duty in Iraq Atkins, spotted a suspected insurgent while securing road outside Baghdad with three other soldiers, he got out of his humvee, and as the two tussled, he realized the suspect had a suicide vest and had a finger on its trigger by holding the man in a bear hug as the bomb went off Atkins died instantly, but saved others President Trump praised his valor. He did not hesitate. He rose to the highest calling. He laid down his life to save the lives of his fellow warriors Trump presented the medal of honor to Atkinson Trevor was eleven when his father

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