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Be the Dallas Cowboys top Dallas Cowboys don't do have to do much at all night. One obviously because they got Amari Cooper and that draft slot partially because Amari Cooper played. So well, when he was there that turned into the number twenty seven pick, not like, you know, the ten or twelve or fourteen picked like Oakland might have been thinking when they made that move so score one for Dallas of and obviously they pick again at fifty eight and there again at ninety one just looking at the roster where they are a team that was probably a lot better on paper now than people thought of them at this time last year defensive improvement. Jalen Smith, finally breaking through late in vendors, but it can through a big part of that. What are you looking at in terms of where they're adding assets in this draft? Well, there first pick is fifty eight overall is you mentioned second round. So. And you you did bring in Cooper. And you you brought in Jason Witten for whatever you think he's going to be even if it's just consistency in leadership at that position. You've you've upgraded the tight end spot. Now, I think tight end is still an area that they can look to improve. It would be a perfect time to bring in a young guy. Maybe the second third round range someone who could who could work behind Witten and learn from him, you know, I get Dawson knocks coming out of old miss j Sternberg from Texas A and M who's got a lot of upside Oliver kid from San Jose State. You know, in the third round guys like that that I think would because there's developmental upside some ability there could really learn how to play the position how to be a pro and pick up little things from Witton who at this point in his career. Obviously coming back off the Monday night football gig is going to be willing to to help. And eventually what I'm told is he wants to get into coaching. So I think this is a good. For Dallas to to bring in a tight end in the first few rounds. Now after that, it's really mostly defensive side safety corner defensive line continue to to build up that group, you know, the offensive line could've played better at times last year. But there's no excuses. This offense of lines should be one of the best groups in in the National Football League, you've got tyrant Smith one of the best offensive tackles. And in the league yet Lyle Collins who was going to be a first round pick before the incident right before the draft, and they they weren't up getting them. I think as a college free agent in two thousand fifteen Zack Martin right guard. First round pick Travis Frederick it center. First round pick Connor Williams who was the weak link last year tackle in college moved inside to left guard, but he was the second round pick. So essentially, you're talking all offense of lime and former first or second round talents coming out, this group should be outstanding. Then I think we started to see kind of the balance on. When you got Maury Cooper in there, and what they can be offensive -ly when you got zt going, and you got back would now with a trustee tight end and wide receiver that that can make place.

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