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He ended up getting drafted number one in the Seattle Mariners. Everybody knew he was he was hot stuff in Dade County and gay couches to breeding ground for baseball players. The talent that comes out of south Florida. We as Billy's fetish is a bit in the U as far as football talent. But baseball talented, south Florida is Jerry and Jose Canseco was obviously our biggest here's his way. Not how'd you do pitching. Hit by off the top of the wall. Triple basically would have an Alfred disaster to a. After their meeting with a rod in twenty thirteen. They never heard from him again. But around six months later, they heard from Tony Bosch, Tony Bosch is the the basically demand at the center of the scandal of the center of the Alex Rodriguez, the biogenesis turds kennel he is went to medical school in Belize never got licensed in the United States to be a doctor but ended up running an anti aging clinic series of a series of anti-aging clinics where he would treat not only local Miami. But also had a roster of athletes professional athletes. So we went and met with Tony Bosch and not only professionals, right? That's right. Well, college and high school players as well. In south Florida. Several of the players

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