Lindsey Graham, Rod Rosenstein And FBI discussed on The Swing Doctor


Votes to disapprove of his emergency declaration, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee is prepared. To issue subpoenas. Republican Lindsey Graham tells CBS's Face the nation he wants to question. Former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe about an alleged plan discussed by top Justice department officials to remove President Trump from office where democracy people enforce the law can't take it in their own hands. And was this an attempted bureaucratic coup? I don't know. I don't know who's telling the truth Senator Graham also says he'd like to hear more from deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, meantime, former FBI lawyer James Baker has testified that he was told by Rosenstein that to Trump cabinet officials were ready to support the effort to remove the president portions of that transcript have been confirmed by Fox News. It's been three months since yellow best. Protesters started demonstrating in Paris end they're out again today. Although the movement is losing steam, this is Fox News. You

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