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Things on my plate. So i resigned. But southbound about light is not represented on the florida lighthouse board. The city has not appointed a representative all of the Articles about lighthouses and both coast of florida and are periodically featured in their newsletter delay. House and china bell is always not mentioned not even a photograph of their christmas decorations. So i i think the side of the city council has taken an interest in the lighthouse. And this may come to light with this documentary. They really need to appoint someone to serve as a representative from sound about. Yeah it sounds like a. When would people be able to see the documentary. How and how it's gonna be provided as a as a dvd student. That's that's the format. When i pulled in fact the producer of the video. Qatada for Doing the project was here yesterday. Loan them some old eight millimeter movies which included some of us when we first moved there and and Understand that part of the footage will be included in the film and he told me he's shooting to complete it Late january it's being done. I understand for the santa bell historical village. Oh i see and they might have a version of it on youtube or something. That people could see In addition to the dvd. The last one who didn't became available on one. I'm not. I'm not pretty much on a museum. Visit and acquire okay. I'll do that the last thing i was curious about. I knew you'd have some insight is nineteen seventies was a very consequential period for santa bell. Because that was the time when santa bell residents incorporated as the city of santa bill taking control of development. Zoning those kinds of issues over from lee county and a pretty dramatic change in the number of units. That could be put on an acre. I think it went from forty four per acre to five. What looking back at that. I would think you feel pretty good about being part of the group that was making some decisions that had a huge impact on what santa bell looks like today. Yeah looking back County zone shelhah. Belka four ninety thousand residents. Can you imagine that. Wow nine thousand and The tally board of county commissioners at the time or hell bent on developing a to increase to counties tax base. And we could see it coming Condos like a sundial being built out right on the edge of the high tide line. They authorized bulk headlines put concrete she piling in bulkheads and this impacted sea turtle nesting. So things were going downhill.

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