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Sell its factory and Lordstown Ohio to an electric vehicle manufacturer Lordstown is one of five plants that GM is planning to close more from CBS Jeff Gilbert GM calling the possible sale of the Lordstown plan to EV truckmaker workhorse a win win. But the UAW says GM should keep the plan and give it a new product. L MC automotive analyst, Jeff Schuster says the announcement means hope this keeps a plant that was slated to be closed up and running and keep some level of jobs in in the in the city of Lordstown GM also says it'll keep it Ottawa Ontario plant openness parts plant, but with far fewer jobs. Jeff Gilbert, CBS news, Detroit, rideshare drivers for companies like Uber and live. Lived in ten cities. They went on strike today. Drivers also encouraging passengers to temporarily boycott those ride hailing services Hoover points to a recent study showing drivers nationwide earned an average eighteen dollars and sixty five cents an hour before expenses. But experts who studied the company say it can and does change it's rates constantly experiments on the working conditions of drivers accept. This is not a free consumer experience people depend on Oprah to earn their living when near boss experiments on how much you get paid without notifying, you that can really rankle drivers for both Uber and lift which went public in March are calling for changes, including better benefits, more transparency and higher wages for a lot of drivers. This is a good bad job compared to their alternatives because it comes with the digital scheduling flexibility that they might not have if they're working retail in other ways. There's a lot to be said for prevents like come to this type of work. Hoover says since twenty fifteen dry. Have earned nearly eighty billion dollars with an additional one point two billion since tips were introduced two years ago, but in its appeal filing the company says as we aim to reduce driver incentives to improve our financial performance. We expect driver disatisfaction will generally increase. Jamie Yuccas reporting among the cities affected by today's rideshare stoppage, Chicago, Atlanta, and Washington DC. Here's a quick update on some information. We gave you earlier this hour on KRLD. It looks like another tornado warning in the Brazzaville valley, including Texas university in college station, just seeing another code maroon alert from am on Twitter. It may be the way the online cookies crumble Google is working on a revamp of its crown chrome browser. The online giant is doing this in an effort to limit the number of tracking cookies that electronially stock you as you roam through. The internet at the heart of the browser tweak is coating to make it easier to dentistry, the kinds of cookies used by third party, websites and advertisers to steer services and products your way, the new chrome.

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