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Technology, that's available and active in society today, the, the license plate readers, the cell phone tower. Location gathering capabilities, the real idea act, how is that going to impact it will take affect next year and states will be issuing these real ID's where, you know, they are taking further steps to matchup people's and verify and vet people's identity, and then have their photos in statewide database that will be accessible to law. How do how do all those additional factors plan? Yeah. It's, it's that's, that's the big picture concern is that there is so much severence already in play. We certainly don't need more of it in something as radical as face surveillance. And when you combine it, combine it with the private sector's data mining tools. You can see the potential for abuse. We don't have to look that far back into our history to see how IBM worked with the Nazi government to analyze census data. You know, this is data collected for an innocuous, purpose benign, and then it was used by people that wanted to target unharmed, folks, or ready. The federal government is amassing large biometric databases on us. Most of us already have our face inside a data a photo of our face in a database somewhere. They're collecting DNA and fingerprints. And they wanna do even more of that airports are now starting to florist biometric collection. And it's it's you can just see, you know, I think this is fairly obvious to anyone how much potential there is for abuse here. There's also I think a problem, you know, that doesn't quite good highlighted enough. What do you do if you lose your biometric data or if it gets hacked, I recently saw a demonstration, our ears are actually, one of our most unique features most people think like fingerprints are retina. Our ears are actually, one of our most unique identifiers, and they were able to take a photo off Facebook aside shot at somebody's profile. Use a CD us three D printer to scan is person's ear. And they were able to beat a biometric system was, what do you do at that point? So, you know, it's, it's a full on rushed to collect all this data between the both public and private surveillance. That's already out there. That is definitely the cause for alarm. So one of the funny well it wasn't funny for you. The funniest things that I encountered in prepping for today's show is serendipitous -ly, you of all people, or one of the people who got stopped by law enforcement driving a rental car, and accused of having stolen that rental car. Can you tell us about that please? I mean I try to laugh now is terrifying. When you have four guns at your head. So my, my little brother and my little brother. He just graduated from UC Berkeley last week, we were going home for the things giving holiday to go. Visit our parents, he lives with me here in Oakland..

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