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Of course, they do which is it's it's white men and women shouldn't even be together. Because what guys do is they go. All right. Let's settle this quickly. And then you just go to the three people that are nearest you wherever you are. And you go. Hey, Ted utter bomb. They go. Is that a is that a drink? And and then you go over three. And then you turn to the person goes see, and then they're angry, which prove me wrong. I love that part where they're angry a moment ago there. Sure themselves that everyone knows what other bomb is. Then you've just proven them wrong very quickly and efficiently, and guess what? They're angry you wrong. That's the problem was you didn't pay the Minnesota accident. I thought you were talking about some kind of restaurant. Okay. Okay. You know? Yeah. I I like the idea of sauerkraut I like the idea of polish sausage. And I sure as hell like it on pizza better than goat cheese. Yeah. But I I still feel like pizza is not broken. And again, this is the shall I pop in a breath mint before I give you a blow job like now unnecessary unnecessary. Blowjob not broken pizza with sausage pizza with. Olives with with pepperoni with every like, not not broken. No reason a really step outside of that that world if you do the German saucer, any sausage, cutting up small quarter at or crumbling sausage. It's it's almost like meatballs. It's a sausage casing on it. Like the case. Ending. All right. I'll try next time. I'm in your neck. Good place. He just had up north look for church steeple. Okay, stairs county. Still be a bar eight next door man, all new Bor get the ways into hunch in church nine here. That's not the way to do it Paul when I say your neck of the woods. I literally mean woods, right. Yeah. Actually by all the while. I live on a river, and then ran across and whatever there's a there's three thousand acres of park land and stuff like that picture and Paul literally living in the woods. If he's not wearing flannel right now, very upset in a car heart jacket. Good. And if he wants to talk about if bet he doesn't litter litter in your neck of the woods. U L. No. With the other ball never did either. Try from. If you're going to focus on good regional pizza toppings at no one else's ever heard of why not just do cheese. Kurds. Those would be great on pizza. Not interested. I had a fried cheese. I I my feeling with pizza is it should not have cheese removed from it. And it doesn't need more cheese. It's the ratios there. You have your base. You have your substrate with now stuff on there. It's always weird to me when people put slabs of cheese and or circles of tomato on their pizza. It's already it's already there. They've worked out the ratio. Now now dice it up with some onions and start with some peppers and start with some sausage or pepperoni and other things don't go back to the base. All right. You already got it already got it..

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