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Now, Jerry Larry ticket, deep dive into the bay area columnists from the athletic and. Warriors insider, Marcus Thompson on these. God, Marcus Thompson is here, man. Who knows the NBA we've hung out together. We've I guess Marcus you, and I are probably on the same wavelength on most everything. Correct. My brother. Everything. All right. Larry. Thank you. Larry chastise me for saying at this point season. If you ask me do you pick the warriors or the field? I would probably take the field to win the NBA title. You've been there you understand the game. What say you? Hey, I thought I'd just say everything, but I'm gonna go warriors. Yeah. All right. You don't think this is why the athletic deemed him valuable is very valuable as a knows? It's a shame. He's larry. Getting you tickets for Monday's championship game. Yeah. You should actually twelve dollars right now. Yeah. No. You know what I'm going on? It's just I don't see the dominance. That we've seen in the previous years and there's room for a slip up being along the Western Conference route or Toronto in the finals. So call me crazy. I call myself a man with a vision, Marcus is that I don't think it's crazy, which I think you're actually more. It's more closer to that. That has ever been in his dynasty. Thank you. I just think that in the end in the playoffs talent with out. They just simply have more talented. Everybody else. Does cousins does cousins come in? And is a hit immediately. I think so I think just just by sheer fact that you got a guard of it's not like. Let's see how your achilles field. You're like, no, you better guard that dude because it's still DeMarcus cousins, and you gotta Gardo like that's all they need is a Senate. You have to guard for me. I feel like it. I I don't know how he blows this actually where does it where do they feature him? Do you think on the block or at the three point line? I think you'll go high post just today like that space. You know, I think we'll go elbow area. And you know, they if they're ready to pick and rolls at a guard, which you're gonna go right down low that that's all that's all. They don't have. That's the one piece. They don't have if if they get a point guard stuck on a big minute as little as like looney. Gotta do right. Or was I gonna do. What's your and Bill gonna do? Now the point guard owner, you just go back them down and go get a bucket and. At thirty percents. You get a bucket eighty guard. Elite warriors Rockettes tonight one of the games of the night in the NBA for sure. Klay Thompson scored sixteen points or less than seven of the last eight games. I was talking to people around the team. And and a couple of big guys said the same thing, which was the clay is just not wired to be able to play his best in a contract year. And that maybe the pressure of that contract year is way on him and impacting him. I mean, you're you know, the personalities you get a real good feel for it. What do you think? I thought clay was the dude who is unfazed by everything little surprised by. But I I don't think there's any question the contract year is playing a part. Nothing else. He's trying to prove he deserves it. I mean, he's doing out there looking for thirty points. He's out there like taking off the dribble it crossovers fadeaway. Claire thought you thought you were kind of. But I think there's a part of play that wants to show he could be the man, and he's he's taking shots like he's the bed as the we're we're play like this. It's a little unique. And then he's like ordinary about it like hookah who questioned me about shooting like Larry Bird, Reggie filler. Maybe my coach Steve Kerr the rest of you shut up. You don't know anything about shoot. Maybe Gary could question about probably. Yeah. I probably well compared to you and Larry. Yes. But you still there. Hey, I'd love to see that. By the way, we get Klay on you just start lecturing him on shooting. I don't know. It'd be electorate being intellectual discussion of two shooters for me. I like to see come out of my hand. Yeah. I just love that to me into mardi Lurie. But I'm on fall for it. You know, what I'm curious about though, on on clay, Andrey mine, and this is just for sake of sports talk. This'll be the first year what the warriors get what to all-stars if you had to bet. And that's it. Oh, yeah. I think that's it. Yeah. I mean, what what's it gonna take for the other half the average forty four like January or something? Draymond real. Well, that's that's my thing. Watching from a distance. If people are ignoring you, and you're an all star, you're an Olympian, and they're saying go ahead and shoot that would kinda burn my confidence. Is there some validity to that? No question. I think I think it's yard. I'm a little bit. Like there was a part where even very mild with like, I gotta I gotta get my competence back and who'd ever magin during my struggle with competence. But. I think it's still get to him. But he's trying to psych itself out to just take the shot. Great minds. Holy life is setting up situations. So he gets all crashed to you. So he's like this weird situation where people were kinda trolling him. But you know, he just wants to like have that rebuttal which is why every shot he makes he does that bits and screams out of those will become guard. But I do I do. Mark. Is he happy? This is sounds like kind of a pollyannish deal. Is he happy playing on the warriors now or do you think he looks? And he goes, hey, you know, they wouldn't be leave me unguarded if I was number one or number two on another team. Who? Yes, he happy here. I don't know if he's happy. I think they all are filling a t to a certain extent, I do think there's some like medicines been a long ride is not like it used to be remember it was so much fun about now. It's laborious. So I do think they need the playoffs to get that vibe back. I don't think he's right mind, speak, man. If I was number one number two, I'd be bad. I think he does he's got to work on his shot at work on his game. It if he did leave I think he'd want to go to a place where he doesn't have to be number one or two we can play some defense. It'd be like a X-factor office a playmaker. You don't get a max deal, though, if you're not number one or two I'll do I think back deals kinda been off the table for a while. Okay. So he's settled in there. All right arm, recast Omri Caspian Garrett temple brawling after the grizzlies game. The other day is armory Caspi a tough guy. It seems like he's every time. I'm. Reading about different situations different teams. He's been on. It always seems like it leads to fisticuffs. Is he likes a or what's what's or is? He talked too much or what's the deal by Caspi? As the caffeine. Right. I mean every time I've talked to he's been a little blunt straight board. It will say say what he I don't know if he's knocking out in practice. Right. Right. Right. Like, Tony Allen. But he's not exactly docile, and you know. I think there are some elements about county that you know, if you're not if you're not balling, it makes your teeth sit out Jill. Right. Like, this type of the meters are reserved for people who are putting their work. Beverly see he's not he's not like the quiet soft guy. Like, I don't think he's afraid to mix it up. Hey, you know, Bill Duffy is a good buddy of mine out in walnut creek. And obviously he reps. Pat McCaw eventually, I'll get build a spit it out. And tell me exactly what the deal was. But I mean, is it simply that you think McCaw just one more PT you just one more time on the floor. And I just I don't I don't under-. I mean, I guess I understand I understand the guy wants to play. I understand that. But I I'm surprised that he wasn't Niro more patients with his we, you know, with his, you know, career and kind of force this whole thing to Cleveland. It's like, hey, are you the winner you woke up and now, you're you know, you're in Cleveland. I mean to be honest. I think there's something else going on what it is. But. He could get twenty five minutes with the warriors. Like if he was playing, well, he's as good as he thinks. He's what they need. They're running the all-star ground. They don't wait quick. He and they come after me. They could use them. I don't know. How he does. It look at the St. say he gets forty five minutes. To McKinney walked on off the street and got minutes. So I'm trying to figure out where did you get more than that? Because he envisions himself as a starter. That's all. So he goes to Cleveland would like to guards that they've drag like, I don't. I don't know. I don't know. I just don't get it. I don't understand I need to hear from him. I wanna hear his explanation because it just doesn't add up. I don't I don't know. How I don't know what kind of rubric he was working with it. He he clearly wants to play any clearly wanted to be a situation where he was I would say probably appreciate it. It's never just about the minute. It's about feeling right? It's there's some feeling that were that. That's the only reason why you like, yeah. You guys. If that's not the Steelers thirty he was like, Nah, I don't wanna play with. So something happened. There's something else there. I think for fun. I got in front of me has first game last night played eighteen minutes. Two points, no rebounds, one assist lost to Miami. And I don't know if you believe in plus minus he was. What the hell was he on plus my he was minus eight so not a great start anyone. I mean, he could have done that with the warriors. I don't think it's as simple as he looks up. You got clay, and you got curry and they're not going anywhere. And I don't wanna come off the bench. It's it's not that. Not that this year. Like he would have he could have been free next year. He could've came and play. You wanna play in the playoffs. You want people to see you on that stage. That's how you get the contract. That's how you get other teams to come sign. You no matter what was going to have. There's no situation in this league in two thousand eighteen nineteen we're packing recalls. The starter not one you pick the worst team in the league. He's not starting. So where where was the situation that it wasn't? It wasn't going to manifest yet. His best bet was forward to happen in a year or two and the way you do that is to play in the playoffs and show everybody you can ball you've never manifest on this program. You know, he played well in the finals though, and that opened people's eyes a couple years ago. Hey, I'm reading all these rumors. The trade deadline coming up in February Kaminski's being shot by Charlotte. And you know, Bob Myers has never made a trade at the trade deadline since he's been the the warriors general manager. He hasn't needed to. But. Do you think he's gonna that streaks can remain intact?.

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