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And I work with vets who feel invisible and our biggest guess challenge is actually finding the vets. 'cause they're like they rut. Rick lose themselves. Do you find that with disabled. At least like maybe newly newly disabled. They're they're just desperate clues themselves. How do we reach them to inspire them? I mean I get like ice do corporate speaking and training and Dre to inspire inspire someone who wants to go from great to greater right shirt but how do we reach the people who really need people in in desperation. Yeah I think that that's I think that's a that's a part and that's where I think we have to have those venues and that's where television is great because it's in the comfort of your own home. You're sitting on your couch. You're not having somebody say mark. This is what you need to do and let me go. Think about right or a little bit. I'm not going to give you an answer right now but this is where you can kind of process. And that's that's where yeah. I think it could be helpful. And and I realized that the part of part of what I do is is is representing sort of the the one percent or whatever it is of people and that was that was my biggest biggest takeaway from Kilimanjaro. Is that there was a part were they had to carry me for about one hundred feet of vertical but what that did who was the greatest gift and I didn't realize it in the moment and the moment it was failure because you wanted to go unassisted I want to break the record and that was the story you wanted to tell. And as if like one hundred feeders GonNa Change that story people's perception of your you know accomplishment right but for me and the thing is that I became the superhero kind of figure and as an athlete. Even even just leaving college college. I left I left the hospital and went back to college and my friend said I could never do what you've done. No this is step number one right this is it. This is just coming back but but then you win some races and things like that. And you're perpetuating this image and it's it it's that is in a lot of ways the most debilitating thing uh-huh you're not a real human. You're a two dimensional figure super different than anyone else image and and I think that that's the part of love of what we know. The story that we need to tell. Is that no matter who you are your valuable and you're going to need help. It takes a team and yeah. I'm glad yeah I'm sure it makes a lot of sense now. Going up and giving the impression that you did this whole thing alone leaves the team out. You can possibly have done that alone. Even not from the beginning including including that hundred yards or feet. Yeah no no way. No couldn't have takes the team. Do Anything and Gordon are valuable and Mike doesn't it yeah. I was delusional. But that's yeah but that's the way it works and that's the way and I probably. I'm sure I'm still delusional. But but yeah that's that's that's the way it works is realizing that that team is really the foundation of of my power and empowering other people right oftentimes I. I think that's something that we don't learn that I didn't learn As I as I was growing up he tried to little league or whatever. You're trying to win the game and and it's like well how can how can you help. Prop that other person up. How can you because the team is going to be better right? I love that. So if you're listening and you know someone's disabled let them know that they have teammate and coach and Chris by Dell and if your vet. I'll be your team and your coach. Her mouth don't try to do it alone. That's for sure. No No. We can't because our minds are dark places. Yeah I get to that point right. It's sad cannibalize yourself yourself alive. Wow I I wish we had more time Chris. This has been really neat. I really hope for you. Get to see each other again in the future. Prize will cross definitely. Thanks do likewise keep it up. Yeah you too two and Saying seals who we are all right who yeah. Where can people find out more about the documentary about the work? You're doing and whatnot. So a couple of different from websites we have the one revolution website is an e hyphen revolution. Dot Org my nonprofit got check it out if you WANNA booker school presentation for your kids will come to that the My my for profit. Because it's I have the nonprofit world in the for profit world for profit is is my speaking writing and television. That is Chris what else speaking so it's Hris W. A. D. D. E. L. Speaking dot COM dot com or. That has that has. I'm I will get back to it of of publishing my memoirs truly a chapter a week. Oh Cool Yeah Eh. It's fun. It's a little daunting every other week. Actually you gotta you gotTa discipline yourself to do that writing writing so hard one that blind date. I'm getting ready to restart my blog and my intention to do a daily Post Yup three to five hundred words. Your Net Scott takes us a lot. Yeah that's A. I had somebody who who at one point. Who is a writer who said that? She gives herself a half an hour and whatever she gets done. This is in do it because you can. You can take all all day. Yeah do that. In three hundred five hundred words is a lot of it might end up being a little less sometimes but so. I'm giving myself some well. People are gumby flexibility is one of my mottos exactly and the other place they can find me as is on instagram. Is Chris waddle or Chris Underscore Wa del underscore living having underscore it okay. Chris waddle living it with underscores. And but we'll put those on the show notes. Yeah that'd be awesome awesome. Yeah and we'll give you shot up we'll let you know in this thing he's GonNa go live and and Yahoo Yeah Good luck with everything appreciate what you're doing likewise all right folks. Thanks for listening. That's been the NBA mind podcast. Let's go check out. Chris Paul's work and let's help him help others. Who are in those moments desperation or you know just could really use a little motivation to get on their path to healing and finding their greatness in spite of their disability their situation by situation right I mean like the word disability right now? It's kind of we're all in a situation. We got our shit shit tuition all right everybody next time. Divine out. Who Ya when you get home more? Docile awesome black by frogmen.

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