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The Jordan. Harbinger show are steps out. Fires the Hail Mary high up into the air right side of the end zone. Jump Ball up in the air. Incomplete the Final Act. The raiders have lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Oakland Alameda. Coliseum and the Oakland raiders are no more I I mean that was Brent Musburger with the call what an absolute stunning turn of events. It was sixteen six. They lost that football. Game and again Brent Musburger was followed around by NFL films cameras for NFL Grind Tonight on epochs and a man who was the correspondent For this program of several times arms always I love it and every single time has been kind enough to call another show help promote it and talk about it. who was at that game? We just showed the television audience. Him Lighting the torch last guy to do it there at the Oakland Coliseum. Is My man thrilled. A call a good friend one of the all time greats in the history of the sport Charles Woodson. How are you Charles do well oh now are you? What was that like? On Sunday man man it was a you know a lot of fun for you. Know somebody who you know played in that stadium you know water the silver and black for eleven seasons You know it was a pretty special occasion for myself have to be able to come back and like the torch you know it was. It was just unbelievable man. You should throw the parking lot before the game. The amount of fans that what they're early packed. And then you know ready. You know the girl support their team and it was a pretty pretty Special moment and then the end of the game did the air just absolutely exit. The building like that Charles. Yeah man you know. I think you know if you watch the game. We know the raiders had it pretty much in control you know for most of the game and then all of a sudden you know like you just stated you know kind of all air. Let out at at the Stadium I think everybody was anticipating you know. Having that moment you know winning the last game and the cavs Siham and All of a sudden seems like you know last couple of minutes of the game and you know they go down and score and you know it was just man you know. I think that was that was rough for for you. Know all the fans in that stadium and I don't think they knew how to react after you know the final score. Well it sounded like there were some boos for Derek Carr to be honest with you Charles. That will talk about awkward. And and something that for for a guy who's given his heart and his soul and and maybe not all the time stellar play but It was awkward. There was no other way to put it for that certainly in Very disappointed you know that that happened disappointed for anybody who would have been born for their car. You know he's got it goes out there man and he puts it all out online with you like his play. I don't like play. It doesn't matter. He goes out there and play hard And I I saw clips him after the game you know shaking hands walking walking around and give him his. Thanks and you know I. I don't think that was a necessary for anyone to do if they were directing it directing it at I thought he made a big play in the game at the end of the game that was you know he ended up. Getting was basically penalized for you. know the play that he made and getting down out of balance and You know giving his team a chance to to win that game and and all of a sudden you know you go from the first down and probably a little twenty two to backed up so Yeah you know. I'm not not too pleased about the way that happened 'cause I know that kid man. He's he's a good kid and certainly don't deserve that. I know you spoke with him as part of NFL to grind. That's tonight How'd you find Gruden? I mean. Obviously he's your first coach in the NFL And you've known him a long time. How how did you find him? what would you. How would you term him when when you chat with with him after a team that won six and four and had so much in front of them and is now Six and eight Charles. Yeah I think he was he was he. was you know he had a lot of high hopes for the team. You know they. They were playing well and You know to to away games. You know old jets and then and then Kansas City in seems seems like things kind of unraveled. A little bit I know they thought this. Would this season you know Again had high host but I know that they knew it would be a tough season but things were looking pretty bright you know in those couple of weeks and then this last game You know I know he was It was important for him to go out and put a so good showing on that last game you know and to get to win for the fans I know he was. You know certainly doing everything. He couldn't his power to get that win But I do think you know for for everybody. You know it's been it's been a long season you know you you find yourself now having lost You know three three straight and You know nobody can believe right now that it's this point after things looking so good Charles. What's in here on the rich? Eisen show I'm going to put right in your in your breadbasket here. Charles I give you Derek Carr or I give you the field of any other quarterback in a in on the planet right now the starter for the twenty twenty Las Vegas Writers Week One is going to be who I think. It'll be their car. I don't see the move. Yeah I don't think I don't see them Moving from Derek Carr at this point. I mean Ah Yeah I don't I don't see that I don't see that scenario. Why why why not I could I could see I could see the team You know get into another quarterback maybe do the draft or whatnot. You know maybe to come in and bring some competition but Derek Carr is a good quarterback. I mean I I don't I don't see how anybody would see otherwise and I don't see how you know at this point. You know you come to anybody would come to the conclusion you know. There wouldn't be the quarterback while the reason the reason why I ask though okay is because You know Gruden I mean He. He's gone and called the game right. He's in the booth and and Brad Johnson won a super bowl with them and other than that you know in. This may be unfair. Yeah to say but the sense you get said. GRUDEN is constantly looking for quarterbacks other than them who he actually likes and appreciates. I'm wondering what you could fill me in on his relationship or his thoughts on. Derek Carr Charles. What do you think everybody knows? Gruden is his degree and grinder. I mean he's He's tough on quarterbacks and He was thoroughly that way. We're risk Gannon when I was there was always instances him in risk standing Go it for the rich Gannon. was you know tough quarterback a good quarterback and he would give it as good as he got it Like Derek said again. And is that right. He gave it back to Gruden. There's no no doubt you know there there would be times when he would be fed up with it and You know he would have to come back but I mean that's the way their relationship was but I think he got the best out of rich Gannon you know because their relationship was the way it was and and I'm sure again in appreciated. They did because he had he had his best years. You know they're in Oakland and I believe the same thing could be. We could say the same thing could happen today. A car and I think if you give them too soon and I don't think you'll be able to get the best out of them and when I look at the when I look at the team and as far more than their on field you know. There's a lot of things go into a team you know. It's not just one player. Who who has you know in a position where you're not winning games you know Again they were up sixteen to the three In a lot of that was because of what you know their car was out there doing and so gave up a long drive late in the game. Defensively and So everybody's to blame you know for anything that doesn't go well on a team and I know Derek Carr can play the game of football so again I mean I I stand behind the kids play and I think you've been you've done very very well for the Raiders Charles Woodson here on the rich Eisen show Before we move onto onto college football where you are spending your first years analyst with Fox sports The Best Team you've seen so far whether in person or watching on TV in In two two thousand in one thousand nine in the NFL would be which one. That's one I think we're in person. Of course you know the best team I saw was us. You know up in Ann. Arbor our stadium in in watching Our team go against their rival. You know I watched that game and You Know Western nice to in particular. You know their running game any often so blind you know I think they you know they far outweighed our defensive line and Kinda push those those guys route throughout the game and made things easy you know for for the running back who had a field day And then Justin feels. I thought quarterback wise man. I thought Oh season-long He was a steady as any quarterback in the gang. And I just have you know to me. I have one visual of him. And that's him going going into the tent. And you know had knee you know evaluated and then he comes out of the tent and the very next play those touchdown you know Eh. You know. That's the kind of thing when you play this game. You know how tough it is how hard it is. Go out there and play through injury. You know to to see a kid do that That was pretty special now when you were by the way first of all great way to talk about the buckeyes without saying their name. I really appreciate that. I picked up on that where you were you sitting sitting next to urban watching that game. Was that happening where you with him. Yeah yeah so well for a part of absolutely especially especially late in the game As we're getting ready to do our post game I was sitting next to him in the you know what what what do you say to a got. Who who to a guy who was seven zero against you and then all of a sudden you're sitting next to him and they're going for eight? No your teams out there getting spank you know that that's a that's visit uncomfortable position to be. Well Charles. I broadcast the draft with Urban Meyer In Chicago a few years ago on night to win Ohio Oh state set the record for most draft choices in the first three rounds of NFL draft and Michigan yet to have a single player drafted and every single time. I looked I looked down. I looked down asset He gave me a smile. I don't know if it was out of Sheer pity is the only word for He gave me his numbers. That hail come on your show anytime and and he did. He actually did so. He's a man of his word. That was not fun. That was awful and So I feel Charles but you knew that but you new that yeah no doubt so what I guess then the doors open here. What what what can be done to get Michigan back on this footing that we know that you know that you that you had them on in the mid to late ninety s but what what can be done as signing days beginning into role in a little bit today Charles Well for me I think Not just in particular her as I looked at last football game that we played out there at home You know the first half of that game you know for one. We couldn't stop the run all day. which okay you know that?.

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