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Put holes in his all inside when they tried to do bud transfusions. It was just breading all over his body. The more they tried to fill them with blood. The more poured out. He was declared dead at the same hospital where he was born. We cried we heard we cried we heard. And we started talking about all the memories with Oscar as a kid. Oscar was always funny. He loved to go to church at church. He would be the loudest person singing in the choir. Even when he's sitting in sit with me in service when it wasn't his time to sing I'll be covering his mouth. I would be taken about the church. So he would be so loud. But that was the personality he had Oscar grant died of a gunshot wound fired by a police officer. He was unarmed shot in the back lying on the cold concrete on his stomach by one. Bart police officer while another held him down uncontrollable grits. Four hundred suit filed into the church an Oscar breads death. Remember his life? Oscar, man. Just saying we love you. We will miss you so much family member shares her favorite memory of the day was came to the hospital. He was so proud, and he drove up in his golden Brown scraper. These huge pink. It's a girl flags on each side. Ricki said he drove.

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