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Was in a it that to Kobe. Scott sees a first base leading off. I believe it was. No. He walked. He walked. That's right twice. Well, that's good. That's why should be your leadoff hitter. He's learning that strike zone. Lot better. You got an Email. Let's take that for Terry shirt. Yes. From Johnny I woke Terry. What do you think about the pitching style of dodgers left-hander? Right. You. It's amazing how the always seem to have good pitchers at the dodgers that they have good Scott in private remember, right pitcher is what eight and. Oh. The dodgers right now. One asking me about. He was one of the storm a couple years ago I wanted to tight, he was on the block, and I wanted to Tigers to get them. Nine into ninety two to listen to this with a one point eight three era last year he got hurt, but he was seven three with a one point nine seven. He I write that kid is tough. Well, it's hard to hard for me here. Louisiana down south Cajun country newspaper after July first we would not get a Monday paper anymore. We don't get Saturday's paper. It's a small community and what happens is. I don't have the internet. I don't have a computer. I don't have a watch. I don't have any cell phone working and doing things outside a lot. It's hard to communicate and keep up with sports because they don't have that much coverage. Why don't you? Drugstore, you can get the sports weekly. The of all the bucks stores in there. News, but, but it's a sit down and read it that's the sad part. As we get older. It takes us longer to do things, and you'll never never missed one of those. I think it's the best application going. Well remarks, people that, that. Could find out what was happening to me years, and it's great to say that the interested in baseball is still there. The yankees. Thoughts getting today, they had fifty nine thousand people that are. The stadium over fifty nine in fact, I'm just saying that it was, it was one of the worst games that I had to watch because of the pitching was so Radic so wild pitch in. It's hard to keep on tech with just baseball, but the other sports but football team was prominent here. Here's back growing up. My wife was Trump just say that this thing that I will come in contact with her ten twelve days after happened a lot of time. So the paper I try to watch the news on TV. That hopefully, what's the sports section of this? That is not enough interest there to keep up update. It's. I'm sorry. Yeah. The, the reason saying that because every Wednesday those major drugstores have that call sports weekly. It's you'll like the sporting news. It's all the bus scores through the week in the back as notes from every team. It's a beautiful publication. Comes on every Wednesday. Do you have you have like CVS rather drugstores there in your area? Oh, yes, go there. Probably able to get it. Well, the sad part is I had an intolerant with a half, blah, blah and black Angus bull here, what I would take into sales for man that bought a bowl off today and for some reason that drama. I guess, boy, boy, that I did they caught me in the side and we lost our breath for a while. He had the black and blue spots where I've been doing real up against the fence. And sometimes we forget where we're supposed to do, especially when he get older. I'm busy busy all the time. I work in come in at eight o'clock, and EBay news. Chinese. I lose track of sports so much. That's the sad part. You can find that you love that paper, I get I. I'll have to look for and see. Now give me a call. And let you know if I find that you love, you'll find a CVS. It's called sports rally with the regular newspapers in the USA today and all that there. And you'll find is my God. It's you'll you'll I'm telling you will absolutely love it. We're talking with Terry FOX on sports, talk, and taking your calls at eight hundred nine two three nine three five three meals. Cameron sports talk. Tony sip is coming in. Okay. Put it back on Tony sips, coming in my buddy, that I missed him today when I called and I didn't call them yesterday was supposed to I promised him. I think a chance to he's coming in. This is an interesting situation. Still three to nuts five before fort Washington yet. Yes. And, and your and your favorite Miguel Cabrera is free for four as he as he stuck his tongue out. At you after he did. Camaro. Unfortunately, that's that's the problem right now. You gotta keep their Tony does. Really pitched. Well lately by the way not pitched enough, but he's pitched. Well, he's afraid pre agent at the end of the year. I I'm gonna talk to Alabama and see if you'll pick them up. Because he was interested. Alison, I'm interested before. But he signed that huge. Remember that huge to year, three or eighteen million dollar contracts for situation left-hander that was something else then he had the one great year. Livestream was phenomenal started slow this year. But a lot of the runs that he gave up where because the Rosenthal coming in, they finally released him then scored many runs when he's in the game theory now down to four seventy but he's really well the bullpen has been awful over there. The first contract that I said that was offered to me with where D ball for hundred and fifty dollars a month. The money was back then. Say that, again, the meal money was big back then wasn't it? Two fifty a day talking dollars two dollars and fifty cents. No. But then I went and tried out for Lanta trackers in this out. What's cargo, they offered me a contract over here to the van der league for two hundred fifty dollars a month? And that's what I took this initially thought to play professional baseball. I was thirteen and for the first year rookie of the year, we won to pet it and everything I asked for hundred dollar as all I could get with fifty dollars. I was making three hundred dollars the next year. It was there was no money years ago in professional baseball. Something moves your is contracting your career. His contract was with Detroit for twenty thousand which would have been four sixty. Five. Remember, like, because after that year at the sixty five was sort of sixty four to try that contract for sixty five they cut me thousand dollars for sixty six because the team did do good. But I did good. I think I was eight six I forget how many gave I never checked cities or anything like that. We have a. Average team but they cut me to nineteen thousand. Then what I went to Philadelphia, a fitness out that year for the next year they still have been nineteen. Philadelphia does that been they want major league ballplayer anytime in my life there in the season after the season before to see whatever you want to say, has ever told me what their salary was to let you know that there wasn't that much money in the major leagues at that time. Oh boy. And the richest bit and knowing that, but, but just let you know that, that, that was the ball players that were making a ten thousand dollars. That's what I was offered the first year though. Over to Detroit on the walkie that they wanted to pay me eight thousand dollars. The minimum salary was seven I had argued with the ticket nine thousand which was what I was making an AAA ball with Sacramento. Amazing. We're talking with Tony sip on sports talk, and we don't have much time you have a quickie meal. Yes, we do. We'll, we'll take that. No time for any more calls okay from Kurt from curtain. Frazier Marras hit four sixty two versus you wins and score on head only to fourteen versus you. When mantle hit, only one twenty five against you. Who's the second guy Stowe run? I if I'm pronouncing that Skowron Skyrock scouring scarlet. Yeah. There we go. Much back in the day. No space and Bill Skowron. Put the game back. Yes. That gave out all the time. I can't we're running out of time. That's why I was that's why I'm running out of time. That's why I don't reason not to put it on. It's still daylight. Terry wanna thank you for coming on? It's been a pleasure man as always, and you're on the floor, and I appreciate that. I appreciate the call me. And asking me it's a little bit of time that I enjoyed talking about baseball. Friends, and other people that are trying to questions. But if I can help you again, this, let me know I'll be glad to take the done. Well, we're going to do it again. Next year with Terry. You have a good one. Thank you. God be with y'all same with you, man. Bye bye..

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