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I'm Alex albashaun in Tuscaloosa, Alabama lawyers performer Minneapolis. Police officer Mohammad nor say they're not done fighting for him, nor has been sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison or the 2017 killing of an unarmed woman who. Called nine one one about a possible crime outside her home investigator say, seventy nine year old convicted serial killer Samuel little is now charged in the deaths of more women NPR's. Bobby Allen reports that little is already serving multiple life sentences. Prosecutors say for thirty five years little was a shoplifter by day and killed scores of women at night, elderly and having exhausted. His appeals little has now confessed to murdering more than ninety women most of them, runaways or addicted to drugs now. Prosecutors in Ohio have charged him with the death of five more women in the nineteen eighty s Hamilton county prosecutor Joseph dealer says the deaths were by strangulation, and he specifically look for girls with a certain neck type that he liked. And that's that's why he did it. That's how twisted this guy's little was arrested in two thousand twelve and a Louisville homeless shelter. And soon after authorities linked his DNA to several unsolved murders. Bobby Allen reporting, this is NPR news. The women's World Cup, kicked off in Paris Friday with a match between France and South Korea. As NPR's Laura Walmsley reports the French team, never slowed down as it began its quest for the Cup, even before the first touch of the ball, the atmosphere and the stadium was electric with forty five thousand fans belting out Lamar says and cheering on Liebler as the French team is known. France dominated possession and fired shot after shot at the South Korean goal. France scored just nine minutes into the game and it was a towering wandering are who stole the show at parked at prince with two headers into the goal in the first half the final score was four nil. Over South Korea. Expectations for France are high in the tournament as both the host nation and as the reigning champs at last summer's men's World Cup the US plays its first match on Tuesday against Thailand. Laurel Walmsley NPR news, Paris. Nasa plans to open the international space station to tourists as early as next year. Space agency says that only to private visitors will be allowed there each year for now and they'll have to meet the same medical standards training, and certification procedures as regular crew members a ticket for trip private travel to the space station. Mccoist an estimated fifty eight million dollars boarding fees will run about three thousand dollars per night for trips of up to thirty days Wall Street stocks closed higher and trading yesterday after the latest monthly hiring report showed seventy five thousand jobs were added to the US economy during the month of may. The Dow Jones industrials gained two hundred sixty three points. The NASDAQ composite index rose one hundred twenty six. This is NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from Jane, Gerald catcher, supporting the children's movements of Florida, dedicated to helping all children through school with the social, emotional and intellectual skills needed to succeed. More information is available at children's movement. Florida dot org..

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