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Right wing religious forces in this country are the people we wanted this country to escape both Steinman Schlafly grew up in the Midwest and burn says they had more in common than Schlafly would admit she would travel all over the country leaving her family with help leaving her children fighting for the single that's today's secret about plays that she's the biggest bonus all of them really I would like to thank my husband Fred for letting me come today I love to say that because it irritates the women's lovers more than anything that I say he was a politician and she knew what she could get done Margo Martindale said Schlafly was shrewd she referred to herself as feminine rather than feminist and played the game as well as her opponents I found that fascinating about our smart as a whip but every one of these women smart as a whip I would go about it in the right way Martin Dale plays congresswoman Bella Abzug twentieth to protect the public interest she was loud she was outspoken she was an activist from the moment she came out of her mom as well Tracey Ullman the best selling feminist author Betty for Dan she had a fantastic education then she felt stifled by being a mother with three small children and no opportunity to be in the workplace perhaps the Democrats in this room could refrain from trashing the president at every meeting Elizabeth banks is the lesser known but powerful Republican feminist Jill Ruckelshaus the move it was bipartisan back then yeah an evil rights and human rights should be bipartisan of course that's the goal of it I didn't get anywhere in my life waiting on somebody's permission so what do by place surely Chisholm Congress woman and first African American woman to run for president I knew her as an African American and African American female here out early the black caucus believes that you're going to drop out of the race is that true everybody has been hoping and waiting for me to drop out of since I started seven and a half months ago the battle lines were drawn between those who welcome the E. R. A. as an opportunity and others who saw it as a threat I should have brought another skirt Sarah Paulson plays a composite character called Alice who was a follower Schlafly's and a member of stop ERA you know she couldn't look around and see anyone any woman that sort of confirmed that she had value based on what she wanted which was not to be in the working environment but to be working in her home and taking care of her children get the constitution equally applied this series includes some of the memorable skirmishes Harvard Law School by women until fairly rename on that today as in this uncomfortable TV appearance with Saudi for dad I didn't even think he said nine thirty just name one hi there rose Byrne says Steinem herself seem determined to avoid these spectacles and that was smart enough she didn't want to give her any more at times and she was already having but in the end.

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