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And talk as you would to a friend colleague classroom paper on martin buber no one knows who he is martin buber was a philosopher of his time probably still taught somewhere and i wrote a paper about him on his great work called i and thou i'm the only one in the whole college you knew what i and that was about it's a very complicated piece of philosophy i and thou no one knew what he was talking about he was a philosopher of a high order so i wrote a term paper on i on on martin buber zion doubt well i gave to a after i left college and went somewhere else i gave it to a relative and she told me that she used it with her name on it she got an a plus then she passed it around i'm sorry i heard i didn't do it i heard it became one of their most frequently stolen pieces on us on the other names of all pieces in the history of queen's college now i would read i and that find it now i don't know where it is i'd love to see what i wrote i don't know what i wrote when i was eighteen or i would if i read to you from utah archive and one of my properties of almost every scrap of paper have you ever written on i'm obsessive and a lot of them are unpublished stories for example but some of them are actually published magazines from the time in the late sixties the psychedelic era in new york there was a very big flowering of some crazy stuff some brilliant stuff in the psychedelic on the world of the lower east side of manhattan so i i was actually the associate publisher of a little known literary magazine at the time called exit magazine and i have the original copies of this i don't think they're available anywhere i looked at it the other day and i have it up there at the hill it's very creative i don't know who the other gentlemen are who are the editors it was a very exciting time for me i remember going to the dingy flats and.

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