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With gun Dynamite begins with george elvers. Darby allin for the tnt championship in red. I fucking hate. joey. Jamila why i fuck. He's he's lazy yet. Eckes entitled I knowing just knowing who he is besides that being a w you know 'cause he's from home and everything. I'm just over him over his bullshit. I love darby allin It was an okay match. They even had some technical wrestling. I i can't be mad that But this is not the time for. Joey have random. Tnt championship matches. It should be it. Should have w versus ricky starks. Sorry keep that that story going shit i. Would you know what i would have preferred debbie versus taza son. This yeah it didn't apparently he's not ready though. I know he's not ready. Been it could've been a two minute squash but that makes sense with the story want. Where's george and other coming from. What happened to rankings matter. He hasn't a matching months but But aggress winners darby allin coffin. Whatever i did really didn't care much. Moxie cut a promo on kantar. He has the i g w p us championship with him and he promotes his match against kenta at new beginning That would be the united states. I said that. Us is an id wg. If i said g debussy. I said that was reading of jumble letters as iran. I am Sammy guevara then access for the rest of the inner circle for a moment alone jeff. Everyone leaves sammy accuses. Mgm trying to take over the inner circle. Jeff says that he's jealous semi punches him in the face and then they have a meeting later on. We'll go to it Then we had cody rhodes lee johnson versus peter avalon in caesar bony read. I don't even know what to say about this. Please take this one please. Supposedly cody rhodes toro rotator cuff but lee johnson got his first win. Ever so he's one of twenty nine brought you the new acquisitions. The roads of the nightmare family right right. A bunch of random schweppes. Please take it away. Random slaps it's cody really. Is cody really done with being a part of wrestling i mean is this. This is what hell no. I just think that he. He thinks he's doing his right. And it's like no. I think he's shooting the nightmare family like the nba trial team. I don't know what the fuck is going on with this. I i really think he believes that that he is. He's he's the new vince. New events. new Triple h or the. He's i don't know how to stop putting guys over the he thinks he's a star beyond wrestling. It's like no you're not. You're on the go big show on tnt roof right. And i'm my ears. okay. i did. I did like the brock anderson Are innocent son was was it was. It was announced these sarno trained for wrestling in that. He actually looks pretty cool. He was pretty good. Look like his dad was hair. exactly exactly but lear were men.

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